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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 42 Recap

After Empress Hunyue found that the flower hibiscus was poisonous, she took it to her dormitory and gave the hibiscus to the flower hibiscus. It turned out that Empress Huyue had just come together with the original Qingjiang, and was forced to serve by the father of the original Qingjiang, so as to prove her love and loyalty to the original Qingjiang. A year later, after the original Qingjiang met Xie Meixiang and fell in love with her deeply, she did not want to come to the country of Huyue again because she did not want the Queen of the Moon to be controlled by her life. The Queen brought the antidote that was inseparable, but the Queen did not need the antidote because of her obsession with the original Qingjiang.

After receiving the antidote given by Empress Hunyue, Hua Mujin thought of everything that Feifei Bai had paid for herself. Because she did not want to make Yuanfeibai a shame in the world, she gave up taking the antidote because she turned her back on Qingjiang. It was left to Duan Yuerong, who was affected by himself. Duan Yuerong was very happy when he first learned that Flower Hibiscus had given himself the antidote to life, but when he learned that Flower Hibiscus gave himself the only antidote to himself, he couldn’t help worrying more about the body of Flower Hibiscus, and vowed no matter what happened Even hardships have to find an antidote for the flower hibiscus.

Ming Fengqing wanted to launch a counterattack on the day of the sacrifice of the Hunyue Kingdom. Song Minglei was worried that Hua Mujin and Yao Biying would be injured by participating in the sacrifice, so he told the two regardless of the danger. After seeing how he persuaded Song Minglei to give up his hatred to no avail, Hua Muqin told the Queen Huyue of the news, and hoped that the Queen would care about the safety of her and her subjects and cancel the sacrifice, but she didn’t want the Queen Yueyue to hear it. Take this opportunity to wipe out Ming Fengqing’s forces completely. Seeing the flowers, Hibiscus insisted on participating in this sacrifice in order to ensure the safety of Song Minglei. But he didn’t want all of this to be in the midst of Song Minglei’s arms. After seeing that his power could not shake Ming Fengqing, Song Minglei wanted to use the hand of Queen Hunyue to destroy it.

Guo Erren was worried that Empress Houyue insisted on continuing to sacrifice, and after trying to put herself in danger, she tried to persuade her to take back her life. The date of the sacrifice was extended by one day, so that Yuan Feiyu and Yao Biying could not participate in the sacrifice because they celebrated Muyin’s three-year-old birthday, so that they would not be in danger and leave a line of vitality for Huoyue Kingdom.

After many days of struggle, Yuan Feiyu finally determined that her love was Yao Biying, who had always been with her, and decided to put down the flower hibiscus completely, but did not want to put the wood carving of the flower hibiscus in the wooden box. But he was seen by his young son Mu Yin.

Yuan Feiyu told Yao Biying that he and Yao Biying did not need to attend the sacrifice because they celebrated Muyin’s three-year-old birthday for Mu Yin, and hoped that Yao Biying could fulfill his son’s wish and accompany Mu Yin to celebrate his birthday. At this time, Hua Mujin came to invite Yao Biying to participate in the altar with herself. Although Yao Biying was in front of Yuan Feiyu, she promised to go with her, but from Mu Yin’s mouth, she heard that Yuan Feiyu still remembered Hua Muqin until this time. At that time, he once again had doubts about Yuan Feiyu and Hua Hibiscus and left angrily.

After seeing that Yao Biying was not happy at this time, Song Minglei persuaded him to return to the Central Plains with himself, but at this time Yao Biying was still worried about him because of the streamer. In desperation, Song Minglei had to poison himself for Yao Biying, so that he was far away from the pains of Ming Fengqing’s control. Yao Biying couldn’t help but moved, and agreed to his request.

Yuan Fei Yu saw Yao Biying wanting to leave Huyueguo quietly, so she tried to persuade him and Mu Yin to stay, and failed to persuade. Yuan Fei Yu had to retreat and seek second, persuaded Yao Biying to celebrate Mu Yin’s birthday before leaving, and Get the answer of Yao Biying.

The day before the sacrifice, Ming Fengqing came to persuade Yao Biying not to participate in the sacrifice tomorrow because he did not want Yao Biying to be in danger. Recalling that Song Minglei had previously prevented himself from attending the sacrifice, Yao Biying seemed to guess what.

Flower Splendid worked tirelessly every day to exercise the only more than one hundred German soldiers in his own hands, and deliberately asked Yuan Qing to inform the original Qingjiang through Shi Qingpei’s mouth. Seeing that the original Qingjiang did not object, and even tacitly approving himself to practice the Fengde army privately, he made up his mind to prove that he would use the Fengde army to destroy the rebels outside the western capital city and prove his strength.

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