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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 5 Recap

Zuo Qingci remembered that Fei Kouer came to see him in prison as a scorpion girl yesterday, and wanted to save him out. Zuo Qingci refused. Zuo Qing resigned to let Fei Kouer use stone flower seed powder. After Fei Kouer returned, Zhu Yan put Shi flower seed powder into the hourglass and slowed down the time display.

Zuo Qing was about to be executed, and Fei Kouer arrived on horseback, fighting with the ugly slave. The ghost boy found the unconscious scorpion girl and knew that things had changed. Shen Manqing and others also rushed over, Fei Kouer saved Zuo Qing’s remarks, and several people joined forces to restrain the ugly slaves under the guillotine and beheaded the ugly slaves.

The ghost boy and the scorpion girl returned to the lobby. Luo Muye asked the scorpion girl for a picture, only to know that the scorpion girl was just fake. Duan Yan found the pictures were fake and was very angry, angering them as waste, and ordered the ghost boy to quickly find the pictures. The ghost boy was intolerable and killed Duan Yan in one move. Luo Muye was terrified, and expressed willingness to pay double the price.

The ghost boy and the scorpion girl rushed to the court, and saw the ugly slave who died, and wanted to avenge him. The ghost boy found out that the time was wrong and went up to check that there was stone flower seed powder in the water. It turned out that they were all cheated.

Fei Kouer and others drove all the way to meet Bai Mo. Bai Mo confessed to Zuo Qing that he took the medicine, indicating that his body could not stand the trouble. Everyone planned to rest for a while, but the ghost boy and scorpion girl had already chased them. Fei Kouer led Zuo Qing to lead them away, and asked Shen Manqing and others to send pictures and meet in Tuozhou ten days later.

Scorpio went to chase Shen Manqing and Yin Changge and Zhu Yan stayed to hold her back. The scorpion girl was full of hatred and asked Yin Changge and Zhu Yan to bury the ugly slave. The two couldn’t beat the scorpion girl. Fortunately, Zhu Yan threw out poison to make the scorpion girl dizzy. The two talents found an opportunity and strangled the scorpion girl with a leather whip.

Fei Kou’er knew that he could not escape the ghost boy, let go of the horse, and took Zuo Qingci to hide in the cave. The ghost boy chased the horse and found that he had been cheated. The two looked in the cave and found a secret room, and decided to take a break here first.

Zuo Qingci shivered and looked at Fei Kouer, remembering the past. At that time Zuo Qing’s remarks were poisoned, but he was unwilling to heal, and he was determined to die. After Fei Kouer abducted him, he had the idea of living. The two men made an agreement. Zuo Qingci also knew that her name was Su Yunluo.

Fei Kouer helped Zuo Qing recuperate and healed. Zuo Qing Ci remembered that he was in a coma at the time. It was ten days after he woke up. Ghost Doctor went to see Master Su Yunluo, but they didn’t have the medicine they wanted. They left. . Zuo Qingci decided to forget the past, let Master give him a new name, and Ghost Doctor gave him the name Zuo Qing. Zuo Qing woke up and said what they said when they met, and the two finally recognized each other. The ghost boy broke into the wall suddenly, and Fei Kouer was not his opponent. Zuo Qing uttered the source of the ghost boy child, let him stop.

In the court, a group of people were arguing about Jing’anhou. Taifu believed that Jing’anhou had merit in resisting Guzi. Now that Guzi’s soldiers are under pressure, it will not be a good time to change. But Master Zhao refuted Jing’anhou’s loss of mountains and rivers. He was a criminal of Dasheng, and then his courtiers knelt down and asked to deal with Jing’anhou. The emperor was very angry, but he had no choice but to declare his will and let Jingan Hou return to Beijing to indict him. In Tuozhou, Shen Sanzhang made Yang Huan fix his eyes on Jing’an House, and he should never let Shanhetu come back.


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