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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 4 Recap

In the palace, the nobles were about to leave the palace and were stopped by Weininghou. Weining Hou felt that it was inappropriate to give Jing’an Hou Zengbing at this time. This was provoked by the nobles and beat him to death in front of the emperor. Emperor Xiaoming was very angry, but he was helpless. He is now just a puppet emperor. Weining Hou told the story of Jingan Hou’s loss of the mountains and rivers, and asked the emperor to apologize. Finally, the two agreed to a period of one month.

Bai Mo learned that Master was arrested to save people and was stopped by everyone. Fei Kouer took out Zuo Qingci’s autograph and said that this was Zuo Qing’s plan. Shen Manqing fell to the cup and vowed that they acted as originally planned. If Fei Kouer lied to them, no matter the corner of the world, he would chase Fei Kouer.

Zhu Yan pretends to be a businessman and goes to find a section of wolves to sell wolves, asking for a hundred or two gold. Duan Yan learned that Luo Muye was indeed looking for wolf skin and agreed to buy it. Zhu Yan said that the wolf skin had a smell, he would use a special method to remove the smell, and sent it back two hours later, Duan Yan let the ugly slave go back with him.

Duan Yan came to the cell to interrogate Zuo Qing’s speech and asked him to tell him honestly. Zuo Qing didn’t say anything, but also provoked the relationship between Duan Yan and Luo Muye. He went down and reported that the store was burnt, and the snow wolf skin was gone, and Duan Yan asked them to find it quickly. Zhu Yan came to Fei Kouer, gave her the money she sold, and went to the palace to send the snow wolf skin.

Luo Muye came to see Mrs. Xueji, saw the snow wolf skin, learned that it was Duan Yan sent, let her speak a few words in front of the king. After Luo Muye left, Mrs. Xue Ji was informed that the little prince woke up and was very excited. Luo Muye felt that Duan Yan crossed the river to demolish the bridge, and was very angry. The scorpion girl suddenly appeared, telling him that Duan Yan had originally given gold to let them escort the three demons in the snowy area. As a result, they were very dissatisfied with the cost of buying snow wolf skin. Scorpio said that as long as Luo Muye gave three hundred and two golds, they would be able to help him get a picture. Luo Muye agreed, but Scorpio was actually Shen Manqing posing.

Duan Yan was very angry, and felt that the snow wolf skin was strange. He reported that the little prince was awake and the king was very happy and willing to send troops to escort them. Duan Yan was very happy, but the ghost boy felt that something was wrong. Gui Tongzi came to the cell and told Zuo Qing that when they stolen their pictures at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon, they would execute Zuo Qing’s speech at three o’clock in the afternoon. Then he would know whether the three of them chose to steal the pictures or save them. Zuo Qingci was shocked. He kept calming himself down and wanted to find a way.

Everyone got the news, Zuo Qingci was going to be executed at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon, and he was very angry. Fei Kouer deceived them. Fei Kouer said that this was Zuo Qing’s plan. Bai Mo almost got into a fight with Fei Kouer, and Zhu Yan quickly protected Fei Kouer. Fei Kouer asked Zhu Yan to do something for her, and she would help redeem her when she finished.

The next day Duan Yan came to the Luomuye House for a feast, and the Guz people were among them. Fei Kouer and others mixed in as pretending to be a dancing girl, and Changge took the medicine in the wine. Fei Kouer poured wine for them. The ghost boy felt strange. Luo Muye let the dancing girl drink. Fei Kouer drank it, and everyone dared to drink. Scorpion Niang felt that there was something different, but was stunned by Fei Kouer. Shen Manqing pretended to be Scorpion Niang and went back, signaling with Luo Muye.

Duan Yan came up with a picture of mountains and rivers. The messenger of Guz was about to take it, and Duan Yan quickly withdrew it. Luo Muye greeted everyone to drink, Duan Yan gave the picture to the scorpion girl, the scorpion girl quickly transferred the package. The scorpion girl told the ghost boy that she lacked a dancer and went out to check. On the other side of the execution ground, the ugly slave looked at the time three o’clock in the afternoon and ordered the execution.


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