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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 2 Recap

Zuo Qingci and others finally walked through the extremely cold land to Chi Yansha, and Fei Kouer was already waiting here, changing them into local clothes. After resigning into the city, Zuo Qing saw a little girl selling flowers and learned that the little prince was sick. His mother, Mr. Xue Ji, the first beauty of Chi Yansha, would go to pray. There was a carriage passing by, and above was Mrs. Snow Ji. At the inn, Fei Kouer confessed and went out. Shen Manqing secretly followed. Zuo Qingci greeted the boss lady and praised her for her beauty. She also pointed out the mistakes in the account book, which made her very happy. Bai Mo pulls Zuo Qing to leave, saying that he promised the teacher to look at him. As a result, he is not good at taking medicine or doing business right now. Yin Changge heard the conversation of several middle-level businessmen and learned that the Guz envoy was coming to Chi Yansha.

Duan Yan met with Prime Minister Chi Yansha Luo Muye, hoping to trade with Chi Yansha and Guz. Guz was brutal by nature, and he could not rest assured. Luo Muye was worried that Dasheng would be retaliated. Duan Yan said that as long as Guz had a mountain and river map, defeating Dasheng would be a breeze, and Luo Muye would be the first to do it. Luo Muye arranged for Duan Yan to stay first, and promised to help him match.

Fei Kouer was drinking with two officers and found that Shen Manqing was following him, pretending that Shen Manqing was the woman he brought, and after she took her away, she continued to talk and learned that the Guz envoy was coming, and then she would be martial-lawed throughout. The Three Devil in Snow and Duan Yan just passed by, it seems difficult to deal with. When he returned to the inn, he saw Zuo Qingci and his wife leaving.

Fei Kouer exchanged the collected information with Shen Manqing after they returned. Fei Kouer wanted to steal the picture himself, but Shen Manqing couldn’t believe him. Shen Manqing also knows that the three demon in the snow are not easy to deal with and agrees to listen to Fei Kouer’s arrangement. Tomorrow Duanyan will visit Luo Muye, and the three demons will leave only one guard. Two joss sticks are needed back and forth on the road. Fei Kou’er will pretend to be a little guy in tomorrow. He needs a joss stick. The cracker needs half a stick of incense. They don’t have much time.

Zuo Qingci followed the boss lady to the casino, learned that Mrs. Xueji’s child was sick, and knew that Luo Muye had always wanted to please Mrs. Xueji so as to win the trust of the king. The proprietress took Zuo Qing and quit to play two games. Fei Kouer found him and took Zuo Qing away and gambled with him. Fei Kouer wanted to cliché, but asked nothing. Zuo Qingci told Fei Kouer that he was waiting for him when he saw the pigeon. Zuo Qing resigned Bai Mo to help him do something.

The next day, Yin Changge went outside Duanfu, he would help Fei Kou’er sneak into Duanfu, and help him lead away the guards. Shen Manqing stood beside the carriage and was responsible for meeting them. Shen Manqing thought of Gui Hongdao. He did not trust Fei Kouer and asked Yin Changge to help her into the government. Fei Kouer hid in the crowd. A young man named Zhu Yan was framed to steal money. Fei Kouer gave them money. Zhu Yan said that he didn’t steal the money, and his money will help him get it back.

Fei Kouer pretended to be Xiao Xiao and entered the house. When he got the picture of the mountain and river, he was bitten by a poisonous scorpion. The scorpion girl was rushed over by the scorpion’s warning, and Yin Changge and Shen Manqing dragged her. Zuo Qing resigned on the street for consultation, and made a movement. Duan Yan came back and found that the road was blocked, so he should take the trail. Seeing the pigeons, Fei Kouer stabilized his mind and began to fight for poison.


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