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Love in Between 一寸相思 Episode 1 Recap

Zuo Qingci was arrested and was about to be questioned. The pictures of mountains and rivers were very important to him, and he was a person who died once ten years ago. This time, he just wanted to see the one who made him live. .

A month ago, a fire broke out in Jing’an Hou Mansion in the north of Dasheng. When everyone was rushing to extinguish the fire, the splendid mountain and river plans were stolen. General Qin Chen reported this incident to Jingan Hou Yanyu and led them out. Dasheng is on the mountain and river map, and must be recovered. If it falls into the hands of the enemy, Dasheng will be in danger. It was Duan Yan who stolen the map. He hired three demons in the snow to protect him, and broke out of Shengwuguan together. General Qin led people to chase them, but they were not opponents of the Three Devil.

Nowadays, the mountains and rivers are in turmoil, the minister of power is in power, and the martial arts are led by the Zhengyang Palace, keeping the rivers, lakes and courts. Shanshuidu is hidden between the mountains and rivers, and it gathers the intelligence of the world. The maid Lingxi reported the information to the Sect Master Wen Siyuan, who said that Tuozhou had lost the mountain and river maps. Fang Waigu also sent news, hoping that they could help recapture the mountain and river maps, and the past was cancelled. Retrieving the pictures of mountains and rivers requires Sushou Jun and the thieves. Wen Siyuan understands that this is for the two disciples of Shen Manqing and Yin Changge in Zhengyang Palace, as well as the thief Fei Kouer. It is not easy for them to join forces.

Fang Waigu Shao Gu’s master Zuo Qing resigned with his apprentice Bai Mo to treat people here. Zuo Qing resigned to see a man with blood on his hand and wanted to heal him, but the other party said that he had no money and left. This man was Fei Kouer. She stole Gui Hongdao and handed it to Wen Siyuan, and she also lost the account of Buddha knocked spring. Wen Siyuan asked her to steal a picture to protect a Langzhong, and she could give Heweibai news to her.

Shen Manqing and Yin Changge came to Shanshuidu, and Wen Siyuan told them about the theft of the mountain and river map. Now Duan Yan took the mountain and river map to Chiyansha and wanted to give the map to Guz, hoping they could help. Guz and Dasheng have been fighting for years. If Guz gets the mountains and rivers to get Dasheng to defend, Dasheng is in danger. Yin Changge Yi Boyuntian, agreed in a bit, Shen Manqing quickly stopped him. Wen Siyuan said that he knew the whereabouts of one of Yundang Qikou’s Shang Wan, and when they retrieved the picture, he told her the news. Shen Manqing and Yundang Qikuo had a feud and had to agree to come down.

Wen Siyuan called Zuo Qingci and Fei Kouer. Shen Manqing heard that Zuo Qing’s resignation would not martial arts and his physical strength was poor, and he was unwilling to go with him. She also recognized that Fei Kouer was the one who took back Hongdao and their hands last night, and felt that his origin was unknown. But Wen Siyuan reminded them that they were here to find pictures, and Shen Manqing could only agree.

Ten days later, Shen Manqing and they arrived in Yekou. Fei Kouer said that they would meet them here. Zuo Qing said nothing to do and consulted on the street. Fei Kouer searched for intelligence. There was an uninhabited area in front of him, and there was an extremely cold place where Wag Snow Wolf was infested, asking them to detour. Shen Manqing felt that time was pressing and insisted on going this way. Zuo Qingci set off with them and Fei Kouer did not follow. At night they entered the extremely cold land, rested for one night, and met the Wag Snow Wolf the next day. Shen Manqing and Xuelang started to fight, but the cold and cold broke into their bones. Zuo Qingci was rescued by the sudden appearance of Fei Kou’er. Zuo Qing Ci found Fei Kou’er to be easy.

and his party found a cave, Fei Kouer took the last dry food and went out. Zuo Qing resigned to Shen Manqing and was going to go out as soon as possible. But the Snow Wolf is still outside, and they can’t help it. Yin Changge felt that Fei Kouer had fled with dry food and was very dissatisfied. Zuo Qing said that he believed Fei Kouer. Fei Kouer lay in ambush for five hours outside and hunted Snow Wolf back.

Zuo Qingci saw Fei Kouer changing clothes across the curtain, only to realize that she was a woman. He also saw the scar on Feikeer’s left ankle and recognized her as the girl she met as a child.


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