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Burning 燃烧 Episode 28 Recap

Cui Tianxing and Zhao Yuee used the old-fashioned eldest brother to communicate. After exchanging news, they cared more about their son Xu Jun. Cui Tianxing is indeed Xu Jiafu who has changed his face. Right now, they are the chairman of the two major groups. If there is no conclusive evidence, no one dares to take their husband and wife.

Cui Tianxing, with mixed thoughts, brought his thoughts to Longwan County in 1986. At that time, he had received 400,000 yuan of funds from his villagers, and after borrowing money from Gaosihai’s home, he rushed to Xinxiang, Henan with Xu Qiang. They bring a lot of cash, which is naturally eye-catching, attracting thieves to follow without knowing it. At night, the culprit stole the money while the two were sleeping, but awakened Xu Jiafu at the time.

Xu Qiang was drunk and slept fascinated, Xu Jiafu went to chase him alone, and when the two were fighting, the culprit was strangled by his neck and lost his resistance. Xu Jiafu could not breathe his nose, thinking that the man was dead, and hurriedly fled the scene with the money, but he did not know that the man seemed to regain consciousness soon after.

Because Liu Qingye’s verbal carelessness led to Cui Zhiyou’s dissatisfaction, it was Shi Lei who reconciled it, which did not undermine the cooperation between the two polices. This may not be a big mistake, but it made Liu Qingye even more confused and frustrated.

When Jin Sen was discovered, Liu Qingye was full of enthusiasm. Although she lacked criminal evidence, witnesses, and various possible or impossible clues, she believed that Xu Jiafu, who was hiding in the southern country, could soon be found.

Liu Qingye’s self-confidence comes from the fact that they have formed a tight net of heaven and earth, and the resources available at their hands are so abundant, but the result is still disappointing. At this time, only by persisting, looking for the truth and breakthrough points in the logic embodied in all clues, can we have the final success.

The case has once again entered a dead end. Feng Kai wants to ask his superiors for instructions, and Xu Jun can be used as a breakthrough. With his many years of intuition as a criminal policeman and his ability to observe people, I believe Xu Jun is the only person who has no knowledge and integrity. However, it is obvious how much risk this will face, and the superiors will naturally not agree to Feng Kai’s request. However, as Feng Kai thought, Gao Feng had already helped him execute it.

When Xu Jiatong got the news and wanted to stop it, it was already a step too late, and Gao Feng had already said everything. Although Xu Jun didn’t want to believe it, the facts still made him confused. The more Xu Jiatong tried to prevent him from believing what Gao Feng said, the more it made Xu Jun doubt how true all of this was.

The time went back to 1986. Xu Jiafu, who had not returned for a long time, made the police find Zhao Yue’e for investigation on charges of absconding with money. When Gao Sihai heard such remarks, he did not believe that Xu Jiafu would do such a thing for the first time. Moreover, all their shoes and clothes were left in the hotel at the time. It was not like a premeditated escape, but more like Something unexpected happened and there was danger.

Liu Zhijian hoped that Gao Sihai could calm down. After all, an eyewitness saw Xu Jiafu appear near the hotel that night with a bag of money in his hand. The surface evidence looks like Xu Jiafu was punished for smuggling. He couldn’t help being greedy and ran away with money. If it weren’t guarded by the police, the Xu family’s house would have been lifted by the villagers.

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