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Burning 燃烧 Episode 27 Recap

In 1993, Tian Xiaolan got acquainted with Jinsen, who was pseudonym Yang Bo, because of a wrestling. The meticulous care of the other party made her feel good, and they stayed together. The special aphrodisiac was implied by Jin Sen seemingly inadvertently to Tian Xiaolan and asked her to take the initiative to Wu Guixiang, who was already unable to do so. After Wu Guixiang’s death, the Jinsen also disappeared inexplicably.

Jin Sen claims to be from Chengde, Hebei. He contracted a small project during the Pudong development period, but he has a Shandong accent. Tian Xiaolan clearly remembered that Jin Sen had a colorful brave on her shoulder, and she also promised Gao Feng that she could assist the analog portrait expert to draw the other’s portrait.

After obtaining the portrait, Feng Kai immediately sent the pattern to Liu Qingye. After Cui Zhiyou confirmed it, he recognized that this Pai Xiu was a gang of gangs active in Delong in the 1970s and 1980s, which is commonly known as the underworld in China. Named after Pixiu. All members have brave tattoos on their left arms. The larger the shape and the more colors, the higher the status of the members in the gang. Jin Sen’s pattern is sufficient to show that he was a key member of the society at that time.

The crowd came to the Southern Delong Police Station and found that Jin Sen was born in Delong in 1958. His parents were born in Shandong and run a restaurant in Delong China Street. The Pai Yao Gang was founded in 1978. Twenty-year-old Jin Sen joined the gang, but was expelled from the gang in 1993 for carrying secrets of the gang organization and organizing a drug trafficking business abroad.

In December 1993, Jin Sen was shot dead. His body was found on the shore of Port Delong. The reason for his death has not been found yet. Zhang Yuanzhong, who was in charge of investigating this case, died of prostate cancer as early as a year ago. If you want to understand the history of Pai Yao, you can only find the founder of Pai Yao, Cui Tianxing, the current chairman of Tianxing Industrial Company.

Cui Tianxing was born in Shandong, China in 1966, and immigrated to the South with his parents in 1976. He opened a restaurant in China Street and closed in 1975. Later, Cui Tianxing moved to Xinchuan, Nanguo, to join the Xiyuan faction. Two years later, he returned to Delong to stand on his own and set up the Pai Yao Gang.

In 1989, due to the expansion of the Pai Yao gang to Xinchuan, there was a large-scale conflict with the Xiyuan faction. In May of the same year, Cui Tianxing was slain. Cui Tianxing got a tip and fled abroad to save his life. It was not until 1992 that he returned to the southern country, turned from black to white, and established the Tianxing Industrial Company.

Cui Zhiyou personally found Cui Tianxing, and he seemed very polite in his words, and he did not dare to overstate. And the situation described by Cui Tianxing is consistent with what Cui Zhiyou knows, and there is no other more useful information. As for the revenge of the family being killed, he also admitted that he was revenge within the scope allowed by law.

After the police from both sides exchanged information, Liu Qingye intuitively thought that Cui Tianxing was probably Xu Jiafu himself, but he has a perfect personal growth experience, which is nonsense in Cui Zhiyou’s view. In a few words, Cui Zhiyou once again showed impatience, and the two sides broke up unhappy. However, where they could not see, Cui Tianxing was looking at Xu Jiafu’s photo with a playful look.

At the same time, Gao Feng has also found Yang Heng’s girlfriend, Ma Lan. They seem to get along with each other frivolously, but they have deep feelings for each other, not to mention that Ma Lan is now pregnant with Yang Heng’s child. Ma Lan didn’t understand what Gao Feng wanted to know, but she might be moved with emotion and let Yang Heng who was in prison take the initiative to explain all the details.

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