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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 40 Recap

After hearing that Yu Biying was imprisoned by the Empress Hu Yueyue in the hall, Hua Mujin came to the hall under the accompaniment of the original non-white. Although Queen Hunyue had long heard about the love story of the original three sons and Mrs. Huaxi, she did not want to hear that Mrs. Huaxi, who had already lost her life, stood in front of her. Later, in order to protect Yao Biying, Hua Muqin couldn’t help but tell the Queen Huyue about the friendship of Xiaowuyi, and hoped that Queen Huyue could remember the efforts made by Yao Biying to control the sand of the Huyue country for many years.

Believe that Yao Biying is a person, and don’t hurt people’s hearts because of things that catch the wind and catch the shadows. At this moment, Yuan Fei Yu arrived at the news and asked his mother not to punish his wife Yao Biying, and received the consent of Queen Huoyue. The flower splendid on the side, through the original Fei Yu’s name to Yao Biying, learned that Yao Biying replaced Hua Muqiang before ascending to the position of the concubine of Huyueguo, but when Yao Biying questioned herself in turn, she repeatedly mentioned this Matter, provoking the love between Yao Biying and Yuan Feiyu.

Hunyue Queen recounted the identity of Yao Biying in the splendid sight of flowers, and did not want to delve into the matter any more, so that Yao Biying had reunited with the Hua’s sisters as she had done her best as a landlord. But a good meal was due to Yao Biying’s hatred for the flower splendid and the flower’s jealousy for her elder sister Hibiscus.

At this time, Yao Biying already knew that the streamer scattered at that time was not caused by the flower hibiscus, but when she saw that the flower hibiscus had everything, and her own happiness was in danger for a moment, she couldn’t help but hope that she would not grab it I walked my last hope, but I didn’t want to. In fact, after four years of getting along with each other, Yuan Feiyu had long understood that he was only desperately disappointed with the flower hibiscus, and that he truly loved him for a long time, and sincerely blessed his three. Brother and Flower Hibiscus have been together for a hundred years.

Hua Jinxiu originally wanted to go to Yuan Feibai to ask him if he was sincere about himself, but he happened to hear the conversation between the two brothers of the Yuan family. Later, and completely give up.

After learning that Yuan Feiyu had remembered the past, Hua Muqin wanted to persuade her to tell Empress Houyue and Yao Biying, but she didn’t want Yuan Feiyu to protect Yao Biying. No matter how Yao Biying aimed at himself, he would not care about it, but he didn’t want to be seen by Yao Biying and misunderstood.

Duan Yuerong learned that Hua Muqin came to Huyue this time to buy Cistanche for the original Fei Bai and obtained the wine management rights. Then he visited Queen Huyue personally in the name of Jun Mowen, and succeeded with his own wit and elegance Impressing the Queen of the Moon, not only promised to hand over the wine trade to Jun Ji, but also willing to sell to him all the cistanches in his hands.

After seeing the flower, Jinxiu Huajin wanted to leave because she wanted to leave, but she wanted to persuade her to open it, but she didn’t want the flower Jinxiu to reluctantly resolve her happy knot, and let go of the cruel words. When she went back, she would concentrate on helping her. His son Yuan Feiliu won the position of the world’s son, and Yuan Feibai and Hua Hibiscus were in separate camps.

After seeing that there are jewels in the city of worry-free storage in the city, Ming Fengqing wanted to quickly gather wealth to replace the Queen of the Moon, and then he would fight for the Central Plains. But he didn’t want his plan to be overheard by Song Minglei, so he persuaded Ming Fengqing to submit all his recruits from Hu Yueyue to him. He intercepted the flower splendid on its way out, and analyzed the status quo for it, successfully persuaded the flower splendid to be non-white with the antigen.

At the prompt of Hua Muqin, Queen Hunyue blocked all channels from Mingjia Judian to Huyue Palace. Hua Muqin wanted to persuade the Queen to hand over the wine distribution rights to herself and sell all Cistanche to her. , Take it back to save people, but do not want someone to pretend to be himself, already got these two things. Subsequently, Hua Muhibi was accompanied by Yuan Feibai, and found Duan Yuerong posing as himself. After learning that Duan Yuerong did everything for himself, he couldn’t help but miss his silent contribution to himself.

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