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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 39 Recap

Zhou Fang’s efforts have paid off. With the help of Ling Xi, Mr. Xu is finally willing to buy Song Rin’s shares. After signing the contract, Song Rin specifically apologized to Mr. Xu and Mr. Ling Xi for the previous loss. Mr. Xu said that the success of the contract was Ling Xi’s credit, and the projects that Ling Xi evaluated had never failed. This made Song Rin curious about Ling Xi. He asked Ling Xi to drink coffee. Song Rin thanked Ling Xi for his help. Ling Xi said that Lin Yun is an extremely inferior and self-conceited person. Zhou Fang was able to persuade Lin Yun to help her solve the painting, which made her think a lot about Zhou Fang.

Then. Ling Xi and Song Rin talked about Song Rin’s next plan and wanted to know whether the technology company that Song Rin invested in was worth Song Rong’s development. Ling Xi hadn’t finished talking with Song Rin, and Song Rin’s message arrived because he had to fulfill the dating plan with Zhou Fang. Song Rong and Zhou Fang went to ride a motorcycle together. After the ride, Zhou Fang couldn’t help asking Song. Rin, why didn’t you ask when she learned to ride a motorcycle? Song Rin joked that Zhou Fang couldn’t help but tell him, so he didn’t need to ask. After riding the motorcycle and watching the scenery, Song Rong and Zhou Fang went to the restaurant to eat together. They happened to encounter another couple playing the game of life map. Zhou Fang also learned that they asked Song Rin a question. She said that if she gets sick in the future In view of the fact that life can not take care of himself, Song Rin is willing to take care of her, and Song Rin asks Zhou Fang if he is willing to marry him, Zhou Fang thinks he is shifting the subject.

Zhou Fang felt that Song Rong had complicated a simple question, and he did not want Song Rong’s answer. Song Rong told Zhou Fang cautiously, whether Zhou Fang was sick or had other problems in the future, he was willing to take care of Zhou Fang asked Zhou Fang if he would marry him, but Zhou Fang did not want to answer this question immediately. Zuo Yulin went home to see Tian Lijuan. He was afraid that Tian Lijuan would be dissatisfied with Qin Qing and deliberately went home to try Tian Lijuan. Tian Lijuan is anxious to see Zuo Yulin’s girlfriend and is very happy to hear that Zuo Yulin wants to take his girlfriend home to see her. Zuo Yulin talked about the advantages of Qin Qing one by one, and Tian Lijuan was very happy after listening. Zuo Yulin finally said that Qin Qing was four years older than him, but Tian Lijuan did not dislike it.

Qin Qing went to the company to visit Zuo Yulin. Zuo Yulin was very happy to invite Qin Qing to dinner. By the way, he talked about the formal visit to Qin Qing’s house on the weekend. Unexpectedly, the two met Tian Lijuan as soon as they reached the door. After they were taken aback, Tian Lijuan was a teacher of Qin Qing High School. He knew that Qin Qing was in love with her, and she was very disgusted with her. Zuo Yulin wanted to introduce Qin Qing to Tian Lijuan, but Qin Qing was afraid of something unexpected and hurried to find an excuse to interrupt Zuo Yulin’s words, and then took the opportunity to escape. Then, Qin Qing immediately went to Zhou Fang to say the matter, Zhou Fang was so surprised that he sprayed water directly on Qin Qing’s face.

Tian Lijuan returned home and kept talking about Zuo Yulin. She thought that Qin Qing was a typical non-student when she went to school. She firmly refused to let Zuo Yulin interact with Qin Qing. Zuo Yulin tried to explain to Tian Lijuan, but Tian Lijuan didn’t believe it, and firmly refused to let Zuo Yulin and Qin Qing do well. Zuo Yulin explained to Qin Qing afterwards that he did not dare to say that his mother was Tian Lijuan, but he was afraid of frightening Qin Qing. He had fallen in love with Qin Qing since he was in school, but they were separated by several sessions, and he did not Chance to let Qin Qing remember himself. Qin Qing didn’t remember seeing Zuo Yulin when he was in school. After reminded by Zuo Yulin, she suddenly realized that she had been targeted by Tian Lijuan when she was in school. Part of the reason was caused by Zuo Yulin. Qin Qing once again chicly said that he would break up. Zuo Yulin said that he would take care of Tian Lijuan and tell Qin Qing not to break up easily.

Song Rong asked Zhou Fang to have dinner together, but did not expect Su Yushan to call Zhou Fang to meet the editor-in-chief of Dai Fei. Zhou Fang had to cancel the appointment with Song Rin. Although Song Rong did not stop Zhou Fang, she was still unhappy. He had to go to Wang He to talk about things. Wang He saw Song Rin’s jealousy and couldn’t help laughing at Song Rong, and then persuaded Song Rin, because he likes Zhou Fang’s independence, he should accept Zhou Fang’s fact that he is not dependent on him. At the dinner where Zhou Fang participated, Su Yushan was encouraged by Dai Fei and others and decided to take Zhou Fang to Milan Fashion Week, which made Zhou Fang very happy. Zuo Yulin was applying a mask to Qin Qing. The doorbell rang suddenly. Qin Qing was startled. She thought Tian Lijuan came to the door. Because of fear, Qin Qing asked Zuo Yulin to open the door, but she hid. Qin Qing took a sigh of relief when he thought that it was Zhou Fang and Shen Peipei who knocked on the door.

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