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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 38 Recap

Zhou Fang was troubled by the fact that Song Rin proposed to live with herself. She told Qin Qing about it, because she and Song Rin had hardly been officially dated, and she did not want to live with Song Rong in this way. After Qin Qing left, Su Yushan came to Zhou Fang’s studio to see the progress of Zhou Fang’s work, and promised to help her find a way to find the venue of the concept museum. Later, Su Yushan took Zhou Fang to a venue, which was very suitable Zhou Fang is a concept museum, but Zhou Fang is worried that the venue has a special status in the heart of Su Yushan. He wants to decline the good intentions of Su Yushan, but Su Yushan says that he is only making the best use of it, so Zhou Fang should not be burdened.

Song Rin gave Zuo Yulin a bank card with compensation for Zuo Yulin’s original introduction to the project, but Zuo Yulin was worried about Song Rin’s current economic situation and refused to accept it. Song Rin insisted that Zuo Yulin accept it. Zuo Yulin had no choice but to accept the card. After Zuo Yulin left, he went to the jewelry store to deliver food to Qin Qing. Qin Qing mentioned that Qin’s father was about to be discharged from the hospital. Zuo Yulin proposed to pick up Qin’s father with Qin Qing, but Qin Qing was worried that his mother would treat Zuo Yulin Dissatisfied, Zuo Yulin assured Qin Qing of her fears and assured her that she would find a way to resolve the matter.

After Zhou Fang returned home, he found that all his things had been moved by Song Rong, and he was a little angry. He went to Song Rong’s house and asked his son to blame him. He told Song Rin that he did not want to live with him and wanted to date Song Rong. , Seeing Song Rong agreed, and let Song Rong move his things back, and also said that Su Yushan took himself to see a factory building, Song Rong did not care much, only let Zhou rest assured to do what she wanted to do This kind of trivial matter doesn’t need to be reported to him. Before Zhou Fang left, Song Rin said that taking her to see Teacher Cheng on the weekend, Zhou Fang agreed. Song Rin took Zhou Fang to Mr. Cheng’s exhibition hall. Mr. Cheng had a good impression of Zhou Fang. Several people didn’t talk a few words. Song Rong went to the side to receive a call. Mr. Cheng said that Zhou Fang was going to be a concept store. Things took Zhou Fang to visit again. Zhou Fang noticed a wooden machine in the store. Teacher Cheng was very impressed with Zhou Fang. Few people were interested in that wooden machine. The concepts coincide.

Zhou Fang accidentally saw the picture of Teacher Cheng’s daughter in April on the wall. Teacher Cheng said of April on her own initiative. Zhou Fang was a little touched and thought about it on the way back. The two went downstairs and Zhou Fang’s father wanted Song Rong went upstairs together and said that Zhou Fang’s mother had something to ask. The two went upstairs, and Zhou Fang’s mother had a bad complexion. She photographed a medical record on the table and asked them what was going on. Song Rong quickly explained that Zhou Fang was afraid that her mother was worried. The sweet words made Zhou Fang’s mother relax her mood, and Song Rong took the initiative to cook. When Zhou Fang’s mother saw Song Rong went to the kitchen, she quietly asked Zhou Fang whether Song Rong was good for her or not. During that time Song Rin said to her careful care, and Zhou Fang’s mother was relieved. Here, Zhou Fang’s father and Song Rin are preparing meals together. Zhou Fang’s father has a good impression of Song Rong. He takes the initiative to mention Song Rong. To allow Zhou Fang’s mother to accept Song Rong completely, she can’t just rely on her mouth and rely on actual actions.

Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin went to the hospital to pick up Qin’s father home. Zuo Yulin made a table of meals and took out a file bag, took out his salary truck key house key and brought it in front of Qin Qing’s parents After Qin Qing, Zuo Yulin showed his attitude to them. Although he is not Qin Qing’s best choice, he will work hard to make Qin Qing happy, and Zuo Yulin’s sincere expression also made Qin Mother no longer opposed, Qin Qing let go of a nervous heart.

Zhou Fang recalled what Su Yushan and Mr. Cheng said to himself, and increasingly suspected that the exhibition hall that Su Yushan gave to himself was the studio in April. Zhou Fang saw Su Yushan and said his doubts, Su Yushan I do not deny that telling Zhou Fang what happened that year, and asking Zhou Fang to run the experience hall well, is to fulfill the dream of April. After Zhou Fang and Su Yushan had finished talking, Song Rin drove Zhou Fang home, and Zhou Fang asked about dating. The two were sweet talk again. Zhou Fang had an idea for the location of the concept museum.

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