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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 37 Recap

After knowing Zhou Fang’s intention, Lin Yun told Zhou Fang clearly that after Ling Xi knew the meaning of the painting, he would naturally give it to Ling Xi, but now it is still not for sale. Song Luo didn’t want to be separated from Song Rin and Zhou Fang, fearing that he would be too sad when he left, and he couldn’t help crying, so he changed the ticket and went abroad early. Song Rong and Zhou Fang came home to pick Song Luo, only to know that Song Luo had gone to the airport, leaving only a letter to say goodbye to them, Song Rong was very sad to read the letter, but still tolerated, Zhou Fang had to help Song Rin called Song Luo and wanted to go to her immediately, but Song Luo refused. Song Luo acted very strong and did not want Song Lin and Zhou Fang to be at ease with her. Song Rin had no choice but to tell Song Luo to remember to tell him when he needed money.

Qin Qing received an invitation letter to participate in the exhibition. She was very happy to take pictures with her father and announced the great news. When Zhou Fang went to congratulate Qin Qing, when he was joking about Qin Qing’s progress with Zuo Yulin, Zuo Yulin sent a message and asked Qin Qing to go to dinner. Zuo Yulin took Qin Qing to eat with Xiao Fei and wanted to introduce Qin Qing to everyone. However, he just expected to sit down and received a call from Tian Lijuan. Zuo Yulin ran to the side to answer the phone, but Xiao Fei suddenly called him and asked him to come over and greet his girlfriend, so that Tian Lijuan heard it. Tian Lijuan learned that Zuo Yulin had brought his girlfriend with him, forcing Zuo Yulin to send her girlfriend’s picture to her. This made Zuo Yulin very embarrassed, but he could not help doing so.

Zuo Yulin returned to the table and asked everyone to take a picture together, so everyone was photographed, and then cut off part of it, so that Tian Lijuan only saw that the other girl in the photo did not see Qin Qing. Zuo Yulin got the photo and hid next to send a photo to Tian Lijuan to make it clear. Qin Qing felt that Zuo Yulin was very strange and called directly, so he looked at it in the past and almost interrupted Zuo Yulin’s plan.

Song Luo left, Song Rin was not used to chatting with Zhou Fang from time to time, but he didn’t dare to call Song Luo to harass her, only to talk to Zhou Fang about their affairs. Song Rong asked Zhou Fang to move over to live with him. Zhou Fang was very surprised when he heard it. He didn’t immediately promise Song Rong, and Song Rong was anxious to help Zhou Fang move. After dinner, Song Rong went to Zhou Fang again, and continued to ask Zhou Fang whether he moved to live, and Zhou Fang wanted to be busy with his work, but he didn’t want to think about it. He could only send Song Rong to leave.

Song Rong didn’t want to stay at home alone, and wanted to sit with Zhou Fang, but Zhou Fang felt that he would be affected by Song Rong, so he could only call Li Ruhui to force Song Rong away. The next day, Zhou Fang went to Lin Yun again to paint. Unexpectedly, Song Rong also went there, and the two happened to meet at the door of the exhibition. Zhou Fang explained that she has a way to help Ling Xi get the painting, but she must ask Song Rin to help her and call Ling Xi here. Zhou Fang felt that she saw the love between Lin Yun and Ling Xi. She wanted to do a favor so that they could face each other’s hearts, so she asked Song Rin to bring Ling Xi to the exhibition.

When Zhou Fang Song Ling went to make an appointment with Lingxi, she went to Lin Yun and said Lin Xi’s preferences and the style of Lin Yun’s painting. She directly poked Lin Yun’s heart before telling Lin Yun that she would Take Ling Xi to the exhibition as much as possible, let Lin Yun prepare early, take this opportunity to say what should be said. Song Rin went to Ling Xi according to Zhou Fang’s meaning, claiming that Lin Yun was willing to sell the painting and let Ling Xi go to Jonah on time. Zhou Fang made all arrangements for Lin Yun, and gave the candlelight dinner and painting that Ling Xi wanted, while Lin Yun held the blue demon herself, waiting for Ling Xi to come to confession. On the dinner table at the candlelight dinner, Lin Yunguai ordered Xi to fail to see his intention to display the painting, not even a good person. Lin Yun told Ling Xi what he had in mind, but instead of giving Lin Yun a chance to recombine, Lin Xi requested that he no longer meet Lin Yun when he took the painting.

Ling Xi took the painting to the taxi, but soon asked the driver master to help her deal with the painting, and she also thanked Zhou Fang for her help and promised to help Song Rong talk about the acquisition of shares. Song Rin received Ling Xi’s reply, and happily told Zhou Fang of this good news, and then reminded Zhou Fang that after he left Wan Feng, he could not hold Zhou Fang and let Zhou Fang himself be more careful. After Song Rong and Zhou Fang talked about business affairs, they also talked to Zhou Fang about private matters. They wanted to live with Zhou Fang.

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