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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 36 Recap

When Qin Qing was crying, Zuo Yulin appeared suddenly. Qin Qing hugged Zuo Yulin with excitement, and could no longer conceal her love for Zuo Yulin. Zuo Yulin took the opportunity to ask for recombination, so Qin Qing should not use it. Other people’s eyes came to imprison themselves and bravely face their love. Qin Qing then admitted his love for Zuo Yulin. Later, the two went to the hospital to accompany Qin’s father, and they just met Shen Yuan. When he saw Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin being intimate, he realized that he had no chance and gave up chasing Qin Qing.

Song Luo got the acceptance letter and reported good news to Zhou Fang and Song Rin. Zhou Fang kept Song Rong alone. She went out to chat with Song Luo and let Song Rong make a good dinner to celebrate his take. When Song Luo received the offer letter, she didn’t even know that Song Rong was talking about the investment failure. After dinner, Song Rong and Zhou Fang watched Song Luo’s need to go abroad. Zhou Fang felt that Song Luo had written a bit more, but Song Rong felt that it was not enough. Coquettishly asked Zhou Fang to accompany him to buy something. Song Luo watched When Zhou Fang and Song Rin looked sweet, they went back to the room and drew a picture together.

Song Rin took Zhou Fang to have dinner with Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin, celebrating that the four of them could have a good time together, and Zuo Yulin danced Song Rong’s dance in the hospital while everyone was happy The video was taken out and appreciated by Qin Qing, making Qin Qing laugh with a smile. After Zuo Yulin and Qin Qing laughed, they jokingly said that they would use this video to blackmail Song Rong. Song Rong was reluctant to leave Song Luo, who was about to go abroad. She was sitting beside Song Luo’s bed and fell asleep unconsciously. Song Luo woke up to see that Song Rong looked very distressed, so she woke Song Rong and let Song Rong go to bed sleep. Song Luo wiped her tears and lay in Song Rong’s arms, sleeping peacefully for a good night.

Qin Qing was drunk and refused to let Zuo Yulin go home. He also promised that Zuo Yulin could move to her house, but unexpectedly Zuo Yulin found a moving company the next day and moved things directly to Qin Qing’s house. Qin Qing did not agree to live with Zuo Yulin. She was afraid that Zuo Yulin would live in. She had no personal space and had been blocking the moving company, but Zuo Yulin ignored it. Qin Qing couldn’t stop Zuo Yulin, he could only call Zhou Fang and wanted to let Zhou Fang come to rescue her, but Zhou Fang also stood on the side of Zuo Yulin, so she had no choice.

Song Rin asked Ling Xi to meet and wanted to talk to Ling Xi about painting. Ling Xi felt that Song Rong may apologize for the last missed appointment, so she made it clear that she would not change her mind and let Song Rong say goodbye Opening. Song Rin explained that Ling Xi is a very principled person. He should not change his mind because of his few words before explaining to Ling Xi that he came for painting. Song Rin felt that Lin Xi showed that she especially wanted the painting before Lin Yun, so that Lin Yun would not let go even more, so he wanted to hear Ling Xi’s story about the painting. Ling Xi explained that the painting was worthless, and Lin Yun had only one of hers, so she told Song Rin a story. Ling Xi explained that, at the beginning, she, like Song Rong, regarded love as particularly important. Only after she had that painting, she hoped Song Rong would not make such a mistake. Song Rin did not agree with Ling Xi’s statement, so Ling Xi said that Song Rin had no way to sell the shares, but Zhou Fang was under the Su Yushan banner, and had great prospects. He unexpectedly heard Zhou Fang passing by.

Zhou Fang heard Ling Xi’s words, only to know that Song Rong did not sell the shares, so she blamed Song Rong for concealing the matter from her, and made her even ineligible to listen to them. Song Rong saw Zhou Fang angry, so she apologized to Zhou Fang pleadingly, not to let Zhou Fang think about it. Lin Zhenzhen carefully prepared the dinner and wanted to have a birthday with Su Yushan, but did not expect Su Yushan to come back late, and Su Yushan’s heart was still another person, she could only sadly herself Sleep first. When Su Yushan came back and saw everything Lin Zhenzhen had prepared, he couldn’t help but feel distressed about what Lin Zhenzhen did for him, so he apologized to Lin Zhenzhen the next morning and asked Lin Zhenzhen to go out for dinner together and wanted to borrow This expresses my apology.

Qin Qing didn’t want to live with Zuo Yulin, and angrily went to Zhou Fang to settle his accounts. He also brought Shen Peipei up and wanted to stay at Zhou Fang’s house. Qin Qing complained for a long time before Zhou Fang heard it. Qin Qing was afraid of breaking up and refused to live with Zuo Yulin, so he played a joke on Qin Qing, making Qin Qing unable to refute. Zhou Fang told Qin Qing about Song Rin, and suddenly thought that Shen Peipei could help, so she asked her to find information about Lin Yun and Ling Xi, and she wanted to help Song Rin recover the equity transfer. Zhou Fang went to the exhibition to find Lin Yun and told Lin Yun his opinion about the painting. Lin Yun was a little surprised. Zhou Fang was the first person to comment on Ling Xi’s portrait after he became famous. Zhou Fang took the opportunity to propose and let Lin Yun returned the painting to Ling Xi. Lin Yun thought that it was Ling Xi who let Zhou Fang come as a lobbyist and immediately changed his attitude.

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