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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 35 Recap

When Song Rin heard that Zhou Fang was seriously ill, he could not care about anything, and drove back to Shanghai in a car overnight. Zhou Fang recovered under the care of his doctor, but he still needed to be treated in the intensive care unit. Qin Qing had to guard outside the ward. Zuo Yulin saw that Qin Qing was asleep in the corridor, and went to put a dress on Qin Qing. Unexpectedly, he woke Qin Qing. He persuaded Qin Qing to go back to rest, but Qin Qing refused to leave. On the way back, Song Rin called Qin Qing to inquire about the situation and learned that Zhou Fang’s situation had stabilized, so he calmed down.

Early in the morning the next morning, Song Rong rushed to the hospital, because Zhou was placed in the intensive care unit, he couldn’t go to visit, let alone know Zhou Zhou’s situation, he was very anxious and suddenly heard the doctor say there was a patient Seriously, he needed to be rescued immediately. He didn’t know who the doctor was talking about. The worry was Zhou Fang. At that time, he was scared and overwhelmed. He hurriedly called and asked Qin Qing. The patient in Zhou Fang’s bed next door suddenly deteriorated, and the doctor declared his death after the rescue failed. Zhou Fang, who was watching next to him, was a little worried and scared. Song Rong calmed down, and when the doctor came out, he quietly asked about Zhou Fang’s situation. He learned that Zhou Fang’s condition was stable and he could go to the general ward. The heart he hung over fell.

Qin Qing received a call from Song Rin, thinking that Zhou Fang’s condition was getting worse, and hurried to the hospital to see, only to know that Song Rong had made an oolong. After learning that Zhou Fang was fine, Qin Qing persuaded Song Rin to go back to rest. After all, he drove all night, but Song Rong refused. After Zhou Fang was transferred to the general ward, he realized Song Rong was back. Song Rong opened Qin Qing and complained that Zhou Fang had not notified himself when he was sick. Zhou Fang aggrievedly stated that she did not want Song Rong to worry, but Song Rin felt that he would be more worried if he could not contact Zhou Fang. He threatened Zhou Fang to tell him whenever he had something, otherwise he would never again I can’t see him anymore. Song Rong finished scolding Zhou Fang before caring about Zhou Fang’s condition. Zhou Fang shed tears sadly. She told Song Rong coquettishly that she wouldn’t get sick again in the future, making Song Rong cry and laugh.

Zhou Fang’s condition has improved, but when she saw other patients in the intensive care unit failing to rescue her, she was still somewhat shadowed, so she was always awakened by nightmares. Song Rin went home to rest for a while, but he was still afraid of Zhou Fang’s illness. He couldn’t fall asleep and turned up early to cook porridge for Zhou Fang. After Song Luo got up, she saw Song Rong in a daze, even if the porridge on the pot was gone. I don’t know. She had to help Song Rong Sheng Porridge and persuade Song Rong to go to the hospital earlier so that he would not worry. Song Rin came to the hospital and saw that Zhou Fang was entangled with nightmares, and he was more at ease. He felt that Zhou Fang would definitely be unable to maintain his body, so he was particularly worried. After knowing this situation, Song Luo gave Song Rin a trick to let Song Rin followed Zhou Fang’s way of taking care of herself and told Zhou Fang a story so that Zhou Fang could sleep well.

Song Rin, according to Song Luo, asked the nurse to wear a pair of headphones to Zhou Fang. He told Zhou Fang by phone and told Zhou Fang to sleep peacefully with his voice. Zhou Fang had a good night’s sleep. When he woke up, he felt hungry immediately, and his appetite was wide open at the same time. He also made Song Rong’s joke, and showed Song Rong to striptease. Song Rin was busy with Zhou Fang’s things, and he had to keep busy with his own affairs. The whole person was haggard. Huo Chendong went to see Song Rong and wanted to talk to him about investment. When he was very tired, he simply explained it. Happening. Song Rin apologized to Huo Chendong for disappointing the investment he was looking for, and at the same time let Huo Chendong help hide it, lest Zhou Fang would blame himself for the matter.

Zhou Fang’s condition got better, so he made a joke about Qin Qing, claiming that Zuo Yulin was not in a good mood because Qin Qing did not show up, and then went to see Zuo Yulin for Qin Qing. Zuo Yulin’s indicators have never been down. Qin Qing is a bit worried about Zuo Yulin, but he still insists on not seeing Zuo Yulin. Under the care of Song Rin, Zhou Fang was finally ill and discharged. When she saw the warm sunshine, she suddenly wanted to cry. Qin Qing went to see Zhou Fang in the hospital and asked Zuo Yulin by the way. Sorry to call Zuo Yulin to ask about the situation. Zhou Fang couldn’t make a call to Zuo Yulin. Qin Qing was afraid that Zuo Yulin was in a bad condition and could only go to the hospital immediately. After Qin Qing arrived at the hospital, she found that Zuo Yulin’s bed had been changed, and someone was sent to the rescue. She thought that Zuo Yulin’s situation was more serious and scared her to rush to the rescue room. She was afraid she could not see it. Zuo Yulin.

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