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Burning 燃烧 Episode 26 Recap

The Xu family has been in business for 30 years, and they have left indelible gaps. However, these gaps can only provide the basis for police reasoning, but they have not convicted them. They wiped out all the evidence, and the only thing Feng Kai could do was to find Xu Jiafu who was still alive and expose the original sin of the first lie.

Gao Feng is no longer a policeman, he can investigate as he pleases, but Feng Kai can only follow the procedures step by step. To blame and anger for Gao Feng’s misunderstanding of the police’s inaction, Feng Kai is helpless after all, and can only wait for the results of the investigation in Nanguo.

When Cui Zhiyou greeted Shi Lei and the others, he was completely fallen at the first sight of Liu Qingye. He originally thought that he was just walking through the scene. Under the leadership of Liu Qingye, he also began to seriously investigate the case. The police of the two countries sat opposite each other, and Cui Zhiyou exchanged the information he had recently checked.

He Zanxuan is a famous killer in Southern China. If you want to hire him, the hirer must be professional and must have access. It is absolutely impossible to find it in a business phone book or online. Cui Zhiyou believes that trying to find information about employers in He Zanxuan is an impossible road.

In September 1991, Li Changxu was found to have died suddenly at home. After investigation, there was no possibility of murder. Even if this conclusion is found to be suspicious now, no more evidence can be found. Twenty-five years have passed, and it is equally difficult to find clues from this aspect.

Cui Zhiyou could not find Xu Jiafu in various personal information databases. Only Liu Qingye thought that he would not only not use his real name, but he would also choose plastic surgery to change his appearance and completely hide his identity. Xu Jiafu will never leave any troubles. A cosmetic surgeon with cerebral infarction or abnormal death is the new direction of investigation.

The smuggling in 1986 and the cooperation between Xu Jiafu and Li Changxu in 1988 means that he already has power, and it should be during this period that he had plastic surgery. However, during this period, there was no ill-fated plastic surgery doctor, but in 1991, an excellent plastic surgery doctor named Nan Dongman died of ill-fated, but the time did not seem to be right.

After Cui Zhiyou’s in-depth investigation, it was discovered that it was a homemade explosive that killed seven people in the plastic surgery hospital. The only survivor also died within one month after admission.

Gao Feng found Tian Xiaolan in Shenzhen through Qian Shengli. After all, Tian Xiaolan brought the quick-acting aphrodisiac that killed Wu Guixiang in the first place. She might be used invisibly without knowing it. Tian Xiaolan’s rejection of this incident left Gao Feng with nothing for the time being. This was within his expectation, and it was not that he had already figured out a way to pry open the other’s mouth.

The reason why Tian Xiaolan can survive to this day without being wiped out is entirely because she didn’t know the fact that she was being used. But now, once the police come to the door, it is uncontrollable whether the murderer will choose to silence. Gao Feng deliberately let Tian Xiaolan see the video where he was almost silenced, adding to the most intuitive panic of the other party, and then through some cautions, let Feng Kai willingly cooperate with him.

Tian Xiaolan’s life now is rich and comfortable, and three generations live together. People who get happiness are naturally the most afraid of death. One night she felt distressed. When she received a call from Feng Kai, she was told that there were indeed police officers who would come to ask about Wu Guixiang’s death. She was scared and immediately called Gao Feng.

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