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Burning 燃烧 Episode 25 Recap

Li Changxu’s father established the Xichuan Textile Company in South China. After his father died in 1998, he took over the company. Until the textile company went bankrupt due to so-called competitive pressure, Li Changxu also died of cerebral infarction. Unfortunately, the Nanguo police did not investigate any connection between Xichuan Textile Company and Xu Jiafu.

Assuming that all of this is related to Xu Jiafu, it means that he had a considerable power in the Southland. This kind of power is money, or the underworld, no matter which kind, Shi Lei went to the Southland. The prospects are not optimistic. For this reason, Feng Kai specially arranged Liu Qingye to go through the formalities of going abroad, and went to the southern country alone to investigate together with Shi Lei.

Soon after the burnt corpse was found in Haidong County, the two snakeheads who were responsible for smuggling passengers in Haidong County chose to go to sea when the typhoon was raging for some reason. They both died at sea. .

After investigation by Feng Kai and others, it was discovered that the smuggling boat was found on Misha Island, and no body was found after the boat sank, so it is impossible to know how many smugglers were there. The police in the southern country had long confirmed that the ship was sunk by man, and the timing was exactly the same. Xu Jiafu was probably on the ship, but there is still no evidence to support this inference.

Immediately, Feng Kai returned to Longcheng and reported the progress of the investigation to his superiors, wanting to investigate the 405 and the autopsy case together. Li Xia has always opposed rash actions. Once there is no result and progress, public opinion will flood the police again. Moreover, he has always believed that there will be no errors in the DNA identification results of the year, and the loss of files and samples is just a coincidence.

If Feng Kai insists on the direction, then the DNA result must be problematic, or the technology is not perfect, or there is a problem within the police. The two words “inner ghost” surprised Li Xia and Director Zhang. After all, this incident was taken seriously by the provincial government and used the highest alert level. But Feng Kai still insisted on this conclusion, and put his suspicion on Zhou Wei, Wei Dapao and Li Fei who were in charge of the inspection.

Twenty-one years have passed since the paternity test that year, and all the physical evidence is gone. The probability of finding the result is very low. The current Dragon Star is no longer the Dragon Star of the year. It is now the largest taxpayer and supports the provincial economy. This is also the reason why Xu Jiatong insists on choosing the largest and long-lasting project. For this reason, no matter how Feng Kai insists, Director Zhang can only accept the consideration of a joint investigation after a breakthrough in Southern China.

What happened recently made Gao Feng feel very touched. He hoped that he could complete the road his father did not finish and find out the truth for his father that he could not find back then. The end of Gao Sihai is also approaching, and Gao Feng is even more eager to find out the truth, at least to let Grandpa leave the world without regret.

After seeing Xu Jiatong, Gao Feng was even more sure that the other party had made a special trip to Shanghai, trying to persuade and investigate his every move. Before Gao Feng became unconscious due to the effect of the tranquilizer, the last call was only Xu Jiatong saying goodbye to him.

Gao Feng realized that he could not see through Xu Jiatong more and more, and he was also looking forward to it. None of this had anything to do with her, but Gao Feng also had to face the reality. All clues showed that Xu Jiatong knew the truth. Gao Feng even suspected that Xu Jiatong was behind the instigation of assigning the killer to kill him in Shanghai.

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