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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 20 Recap

Ning Bozhu woke up the next day, his head still ached, and he still hadn’t figured out the situation. Xiao Xi’er came in bluntly and asked her what was going on with so many wine jars in the yard. She suspected that someone came in and drank it last night.

Ning Bozhu only remembered what happened last night. He was very surprised. He didn’t play with Ye Yunchen while drunk. A picture appeared in front of Ning Baizhu, and he headed towards Ye Yunchen with his teeth and claws, shouting “come in my sister’s arms” in his mouth, while Ye Yunchen shrank into a ball and squatted in the corner, looking like Especially poor and helpless. Ning Bozhu shook his head, and quickly threw the picture out.

This shouldn’t be enough, Ye Yunchen is not so weak, and she would not do anything like this. Xiao Xi’er looked at Ning Bozhu’s weird appearance and touched her forehead. She felt that she hadn’t sobered up yet, so let her sleep for a while, and ask Ye Yunchen to come back later. Ning Bozhu was very surprised, but he didn’t expect Ye Yunchen to have already arrived. Xiao Xi’er said that Ye Yunchen had come to compensate Ning Bozhu, and helped her win the opportunity to organize the birthday banquet of Mrs. Chu, the county guard.

Today, he came to deliver the deed. Ning Baizhu became excited when he heard it, and organized the county guard’s birthday banquet. This was a big deal. Ning Bozhu asked Xiao Xi’er to take out her best clothes and most expensive jewelry. She had to dress up and go to see the gold master’s father. Ye Yunchen waited in the yard and turned around when he heard the movement, he saw Ning Bozhu ran out excitedly and suddenly ran into his arms.

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