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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 18 Recap

Ning Bozhu said to be the richest heroine of the drama, and let Ye Yunchen be her spokesperson. She must find the right market positioning, establish a brand image, open up channels, and monopolize the industry. Ning Bozhu stood up excitedly as he talked, but because he couldn’t stand steady after drinking too much wine, he almost fell, and Ye Yunchen quickly supported her.

Now that Ning Bozhu was drunk, Ye Yunchen couldn’t stay here anymore, ready to leave, but Ning Bozhu refused to let him go, and dragged him to the open space nearby to dance with him. Ye Yunchen couldn’t refuse her when she was drunk, so she was dragged over by her somehow. Ning Bozhu jumped to the brainwashing divine song, because he was still shaking when he was drunk.

After jumping, he looked at Ye Yunchen and cried that she taught her in the bedroom. Ning Bozhu regarded Ye Yunchen as Liang Xiaobing and asked her why she betrayed herself. If she likes Yang Feng, just tell her, she can quit. Ning Bozhu hugged Ye Yunchen and took a bite from his hand, only to fall asleep because he was drunk. Ye Yunchen hugged Ning Bozhu, very helpless, so he could only hug her sideways and send her to the room.

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