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Burning 燃烧 Episode 24 Recap

Gao Feng didn’t want to believe that Gao Sihai’s persistence for so many years would be just a lunatic. Now, his own murder led to the existence of the killer, confirmed the truth of Xu Da’s murder, and at the same time corroborated the speculation that Xu Jiafu was not dead.

The reason why Gao Jianshe came to Haidong County alone was probably because he wanted to investigate the clues of Xu Jiafu’s smuggling to the South. As for the results of the paternity test, it is natural that Xu Guangyi and Luo Hongying were killed by Xu Da.

The most taboo of the police officers is to reopen the coffin autopsy case. Feng Kai can only use Gao Feng’s mouth to bring Xu Jiafu’s idea of ​​not dying to the table. Now their breakthrough is to re-investigate Wu Guixiang’s death, the background of Xichuan Textile and the identity of the killer. If all of this is manipulated by Xu Jiafu behind it, Zhao Yuee’s involvement in it is inevitable. This case is like an unclimbable peak, but Feng Kai still moves forward.

Liu Qingye and Feng Kai had to rush back to Longwan. Before leaving, they had already paid for Gao Feng’s medical expenses. It is self-evident how much she took care of Gao Feng during her stay in Shanghai, and Zhou Haoyu, a bystander, could clearly see the fact that Liu Qingye liked Gao Feng. Gao Fengzui denied it, but the joy in his smile was enough to show that he did not reject this emotion.

In the Longwan Police Station, Fang Fei has found the deck car used by the killer and Gao Feng’s front and rear feet leaving the community. Wherever this car went, it was the place where Yang Sanshui, Li Yan, and Xu Da had an accident, which is enough to prove that their deaths were the work of this killer. As for Li Yan’s fluke, I would also like to thank Yang Heng for the spoiler .

The assassin first faked Yang Sanshui’s suicide, then failed to murder Li Yan, and rushed to the airport to murder Xu Da. Later, he followed the two police officers guarding Xu Da, put a tranquilizer in one of them, tampered with surveillance, and murdered Xu Da. Again, because Gao Feng repeatedly touched the core of the truth, he felt that Shanghai was murderous.

The killer must have been Zhao Yue’e instructing her behind her back. Without Yang Heng’s disruption, her deployment could be described as thorough. It’s just that people are not as good as the sky, and there are variables in the middle, which have become a breakthrough point for the police investigation. Unfortunately, all these are just inferences and no evidence.

After the Nanguo police received a cooperation application from Longwan, Constable Cui Zhiyou visited and investigated for a long time, and it was destined to obtain not much. Thirty years ago, the old case was older than his age, and he never thought about finding any useful clues. Meeting Feng Kai and the others to investigate together this time is just a tour guide’s heart, accompanied by the mentality of wasting time.

On the way back to Longwan, Gao Feng kept thinking about Liu Qingye, and began to seriously think about the other party’s liking for himself. After returning to Longcheng Airport, I realized that Liu Qingye had sent two police officers to protect him around the clock. A phone call and a few seemingly molested words made Liu Qingye shy and helpless, and the relationship between them finally had a good start.

Feng Kai on the road to Nanguo quickly received a call from Shi Lei. The Nanguo Police Agency finally found out the identity of the killer. His real name was He Zanxuan. A native of Liuyuan Township in the South China. He once served in the Special Forces of the South China Marine Corps. After he retired, he became a killer. Unfortunately, he did not. Find out who the employer behind him is. As for the Nanguo Xichuan Textile Company, it has cooperated with Lianda Textile Factory, and the transaction volume in three years is 6 billion South dollars.

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