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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 17 Recap

Ye Yunchen was very strange. Ning Bozhu had only been betrayed once, but he seemed to have experienced it. Ning Baizhu laughed at herself, saying that she had a lot of experience in this matter. The betrayal was like someone stabbing her with a knife, one knife and two, a hundred and a thousand, every knife was stabbed very hate, but They just avoided the point.

Naturally, Ye Yunchen understood this feeling. It was a painful but hopeless feeling. Ning Bozhu felt that he had spoken very brilliantly, and felt that he had found a friend and wanted to have a toast with him. Ye Yunchen had a drink with her and asked her to drink slowly. This drink has great stamina and makes it easy to get drunk.

Ning Bozhu didn’t care, he was drunk, so that he could forget those who hurt and betrayed her. Ning Baizhu was drunk and not quite sober, and now she said what she didn’t dare to say before. She also complained about Ye Yunchen. She also knew that she had to pay for disaster relief, but Ye Yunchen asked her to pay 800 taels. ,

This is too much, she is not an ATM. Ye Yunchen was puzzled by her weird words, saying that if she felt sorry for the money, she would just compensate her. Ning Bozhu immediately became happy and asked him whether it was Alipay or WeChat. After that, she felt something was wrong. She has now crossed the road and asked Ye Yunchen to give her a silver ticket. Ning Bozhu said to be the richest heroine of the drama, which surprised Ye Yunchen.

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