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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 14 Recap

Zixian took Ye Yunchen to the back to apply the medicine, and Ye Yunchen said that the medicine was indeed good. Zixian knelt down and said that he had said the wrong thing, which caused Ye Yunchen and Ning Bozhu to have a dispute, and let Ye Yunchen suffer from this flesh and blood.

If Ning Bozhu knew that he was criticizing her behind his back, I will definitely not be able to eat. Ye Yunchen assured her that she would not tell others what she said to herself. Zixian repeatedly begged for mercy, hoping that Ye Yunchen could take her in and let her be a servant at the house.

She was willing to be a cow and a horse to repay Ye Yunchen. Ye Yunchen agreed, and Zi Xian left with satisfaction. Ye Yunchen watched Zixian go, indicating that the victory was divided, this time Ning Bozhu lost. Ning Baizhu listened as he walked out with a gloomy expression. Ye Yunchen was very strange seeing her face and asked her what’s wrong.

Ning Bozhu expressed that he was willing to accept the bet, and promised that Ye Yunchen’s things would be done without fail, but she was a little tired now and wanted to take a rest first. After Ning Bozhu went out, Xiao Xier saw that her expression was wrong, and felt that Ye Yunchen had bullied her again. Zixian also agreed, feeling that Ye Yunchen had bullied the shopkeeper several times. Ning Bozhu remembered what he had just heard, and looked at Zixian sharply.

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