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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 34 Recap

Zhou Fang went to the dinner party. After seeing it, Su Yushan specially greeted her and expressed his idea of ​​investing in Zhou Fang’s concept pavilion. Soon after, Song Rong came to the dinner site to pick up Zhou Fang and heard Zhou Fang said that Su Yushan wanted to invest in her concept pavilion. Although Song Rong supported Zhou Fang, she was worried about Su Yushan’s use of Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang promised Song Rong to be cautious Get along with Suyu Mountain. After talking about work, Zhou Fang took the initiative to invite Song Rin to dance together, but Song Rin was very worried. I didn’t know whether it was for Zhou Fang or his own concerns.

Shen Fang came to visit Qin’s father with fruit. Qin Qing sent him away in three words. Qin’s father saw Qin Qing’s attitude towards Shen Fang and already understood Qin Qing’s thoughts. He proposed that Qin Qing and Zuo Yulin take the marriage. Settling down, Qin Qing expressed his concerns, and Qin father patiently explained her. Life is a game after game. Nothing can be expected in advance. Qin father let Qin Qing make a choice that satisfied her. Don’t regret it in the future, no matter who she chooses, she will agree.

Song Rong went to see Mr. Cheng. Mr. Cheng asked Song Rong to go out to see the project with him on the weekend. Song Rong said that he could not find a buyer and could not sell his own shares. Mr. Cheng comforted Song Rong. If he didn’t arrive, there would definitely be a buyer to buy the shares in Song Rin’s hands, so that he should not be too worried. Zhou Fang still wanted to realize her own concept store. She found Su Yushan and started talking about the cooperation of the concept store. Zhou Fang asked Su Yushan why he would help himself. Su Yushan had to tell Zhou Fang that besides admiring Zhou Fang’s talent , More because Zhou Fan is very much like an old friend before him, but his friend has already passed away.

After Zhou Fang came home, Song Rin was packing up his business baggage while talking about his cooperation with Huo Chendong and asking Zhou Fang to take care of Song Luo these days. In order to thank Huo Chendong, Zhou Fang invited him to have a meal. During the meal, Huo Chendong hesitated and asked Zhou Fang. When she was in college, did she like him or not? Huo Chendong saw Zhou Fang not talking, thinking this The problem made Zhou Fang unhappy. Just wanted to skip this topic, Zhou Fang said that she really liked Huo Chendong, but at the time she thought that Huo Chendong liked Qin Qing, so she didn’t dare to think about it. Because of this, Zhou Fangzhen He regarded Huo Chendong as a good buddy. Zhou Fang said this thing, not to make Huo Chendong regret, but just to say that the relationship between people is based on fate. Since they are not together, it means that they are not together. Fang, Zhou Fang encouraged Huo Chendong to look forward and find the person who had a relationship with Huo Chendong as soon as possible. Huo Chendong listened to Zhou Fang’s words and was relieved.

After returning home in the evening, Zhou Fang started to have a fever. After a day, the fever did not retreat. Zhou Fang had to go to the hospital. She didn’t want to worry her parents and Song Rin, so she didn’t tell them about her hospitalization, only Qin Qinglai. Look at yourself. Song Rong couldn’t contact Zhou Fang and was worried, so Song Luo helped him to see for himself. Song Luo knew that Zhou Fang was worried after being hospitalized, but Zhou Fang asked Song Luo to keep himself secret and don’t tell Song Rong. After Qin Qing arrived at the hospital, the doctor told her that Zhou Fang had the flu, as long as he received the corresponding treatment. At this time, Zuo Yulin came to the hospital because of a fever and was also asked to be hospitalized by the doctor. Zuo Yulin happened to be in Zhou Fang. Qin Qing was a little embarrassed after seeing Zuo Yulin in the next bed, but she still felt a little distressed. She went to Zuo Yulin’s house to help him get some laundry, and passed Zuo Yulin’s mother.

Sick Zhou Fang was lying on the bed and suddenly wanted Song Rong. Song Rong always acted very positively in front of her, but only when he was alone, Zhou Fang could see Song Rong feeling lonely, Zhou Fang did not want to because Song Lin’s work was delayed by her own illness. In the evening, Song Rong called Zhou Fang. Zhou Fang slept very hard and didn’t hear. Zuo Yulin heard the bell and wanted to wake Zhou Fang, but found that Zhou Fang was in a coma. Zuo Yulin quickly called the nurse, Zhou Fang. There was a lung infection and he was sent to first aid.

Song Rong is talking with investors Xu Zong and Ling Xi about the sale of the equity. Song Luo, who was in a hurry and fear, called Song Rong and asked Song Rong to come back with a crying cry. No matter how much I said, I apologized to the two and left. Ling Xi chased out to keep Song Rong calm, but at this time, Song Rong couldn’t take care of anything. After apologizing again, he left, his heart full It is Zhou Fang’s gaze looking forward to his return.

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