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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 33 Recap

Zhou Fang canceled the appointment with Song Rin because of a temporary client visit to Quanye Studio, because thinking about Song Rin made her a little distracted at work. After Zhou Fang provided satisfactory services to customers, she made a call to Song Rin and wanted to ask Song Rin to see the art exhibition as a compensation at the weekend, but she just received a call from Sun Rong from Baisai just after she made an appointment with Song Rin. She went to a banquet co-hosted by Baixi and Wan Feng, and the time just happened to conflict with the time to see the exhibition. Zhou Fang found that she wanted to refuse to attend the banquet after the time hit, but Sun Qiang had hung up the phone. Song Rong came to pick Zhou Fang off work, Zhou Fang told Song Rin about the collision, saying that he would find a reason not to attend, but Song Rin felt that Zhou Fang should go to attend. After all, this was the first dinner they held. It can also allow Zhou Fang to get more contacts, and Zhou Fang barely agrees.

Zuo Yulin went to see Qin’s father, but I didn’t expect to see Shen Yuan’s mother and son who came to see Qin’s father. Qin’s mother was very polite and enthusiastic to them. Both parents confirmed the marriage, which made Zuo Yulin feel that he and Qin Qing There is really no hope. Zuo Yulin sadly put the things outside the ward, so he went to Song Rin to drink and cried about him and Qin Qing. Song Rin comforted Zuo Yulin while accompanying Zuo Yulin, and when he was drunk, he carried him back home. When Song Luo saw Song Rong carrying him back and entered the room curiously, she did not expect that Zuo Yulin was carrying in, and Zuo Yulin kept shouting Qin Qing’s name, which made her feel particularly funny.

Song Rong went to see the overseas investment introduced by Huo Chendong, but did not expect that the other party sent a Chinese representative, and because of the relationship between Su Yushan, he only wanted to buy Song Rong’s shares at a reduced price, and did not want to develop Wan Feng Group according to Song Rong’s ideas. So Song Rong rejected their acquisition. Huo Chendong made a lot of efforts, but he didn’t expect anything to go against his wish. He knew that the investor would want to lower the price, so he would leave early to avoid embarrassment. After Song Rong did not negotiate the acquisition, Huo Chendong recommended another suitable investor to Song Rin, but this The character of the person is very strange, and few people can win him.

Song Luo went to school on the last day. Song Rong went to pick Song Luo back home, made a meal for Song Luo, and gave Song Luo a trip by the way. After finishing his meal at Song Rong’s house, Zhou Fang struggled with whether to go to the dinner party. In order to support Zhou Fang’s work, Song Rin actively advocated Zhou Fang to participate in the dinner party to develop contacts. When Zhou Fang wanted to go home, Song Rin was a little reluctant, so he went back with Zhou Fang, and when they were deep in love, the two directly hugged and kissed and went home, not caring about Zhou Fang’s family and others. Song Rin and Zhou put on a special kiss on the sofa, and accidentally found Li Ruhui sitting next to them, making them particularly embarrassed. Zhou Fang wanted to explain what she and Song Rin had to say, but Li Ruhui asked Zhou Fang to shut up. Song Rin could only say that he really liked Zhou Fang. Li Ruhui didn’t want to listen to Zhou Fang’s explanation, only to blame Zhou Fang kept hiding from herself, and then asked Song Rong to send her home. She wanted to talk to Song Rong well.

Song Rin knew that Li Ruhui was not at ease with him, fearing that he would hurt Zhou Fang, he could only explain to Li Ruhui that he really loved Zhou Fang. Li Ruhui didn’t believe Song Rong’s words very much, because Song Rong had too many scandals, Song Rong could only explain to Li Ruhui, explaining that those were all written by reporters, so Li Ruhui should not believe it. Li Ruhui had a chat with Song Rin and had some trust in Song Rong. After arriving home, she reminded Song Rong to wear more clothes and used her concern to express her change in Song Rong, which made Song Rong particularly happy.

Su Yushan introduced Zhou Fang’s customized business. Zhou Fang was very puzzled. He didn’t know what the purpose of Su Yushan was. Song Rin went to Lin Yun’s painting exhibition, and while seriously enjoying the painting, she was accidentally bumped by Ling Xi. Ling Xi was eager to get her painting back from Lin Yun, so she didn’t take it into account Song Rin did not apologize to Song Rin. Because of Ling Xi’s sake, Song Rin had no mood to watch the painting, so he had to go to the restaurant to see investors such as Huo Chendong. But he didn’t expect that he just complained that he encountered an rude woman, and the investor appeared. He found that the investor was The unreasonable woman he said.

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