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Burning 燃烧 Episode 23 Recap

Facing the front and back attack, the killer had nowhere to escape. Seeing the oncoming truck in parallel lanes, he ran into it without hesitation. The car was stuck directly at the bottom of the large truck, and the killer died on the spot. Gao Feng was fortunate to save his life because he was trapped in the suitcase and had a certain buffer effect.

Since entering the hospital ward, Liu Qingye has been guarding Gao Feng’s side, always staying there. I don’t know when she started, her feelings have become so deep. Just discovering Gao Feng’s unconscious appearance trapped in the trunk, Liu Qingye almost broke down. Now looking at the man lying in the hospital bed, she is glad that she did not experience the imaginary parting.

As soon as the case broke out, Feng Kai rushed to Shanghai by plane to investigate together with the local criminal police. According to the clues that have been found so far, the killer’s identity is all false information, and no evidence can be found to prove his identity.

Gao Feng came to Shanghai all the way, without revealing his detailed address and trajectory to anyone, but the killer was able to stay in the room next to him correctly. After waking up, Gao Feng remembered that he had met with the killer, but he was very sure that he did not find traces of his tracking along the way. Then the only possibility is that the monitoring device was loaded on Gao Feng’s phone.

Wei Dapao, who occasionally felt uncomfortable in his eyes at home, suddenly flashed. If Xu Da died of murder, then the only possibility was an air embolism, but this possibility was ruled out because he had not found a pinhole. After further inspection of Xu Da, Wei Dapao finally found a pinhole behind the left eyeball of the corpse, which caused a cerebral infarction and died. Therefore, it was finally confirmed that it was murder.

There are flaws and loopholes everywhere. If you want to cause the death of air embolism, you will inevitably enter the ward, which means that the hospital’s surveillance video may be faked. It was difficult to find out without targeted inspections before. This time the police quickly found traces of fraud from the clues of the different sizes of napkins in a frame.

The killer implanted Xu Da’s surveillance video from the previous night into the video of the day. The reason why he found no abnormality was also because he hacked into the hospital’s surveillance system. According to the pertinence of the police, a full-scale surveillance investigation finally found the traces of the relevant suspects. The killer has a very high psychological quality, has a seamless plan, and is a hacker himself. Such professional methods make Feng Kai believe that he is not a native of Longcheng.

The police quickly found the killer’s shelter, but the room was cleaned up a long time ago, leaving no clues, including his use of renting a house, etc., using false identities. Although the case was not named or detailed, it has been posted online. The reason why Zhao Yuee is still calm and composed is that he is confident that the police cannot find any information about the killer.

Designed to escape the high winds of the hospital, I came to Jinjiang Inn for the first time. The hotel that had been sealed off was already empty except for the front desk. Obviously, there would be no other gains. Liu Qingye, who was chasing after receiving the news, was satisfied with Gao Feng’s return, and forgave his “crime” of sneaking away.

Gao Feng, who was about to leave, suddenly remembered that the killer would always bow habitually, thus suspecting that he was from the South. Feng Kai, who received the news, immediately applied for assistance with Nanguo’s investigation with his superiors. As a result, the case saw a new light.

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