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Burning 燃烧 Episode 21 Recap

In the name of paying homage to his mother, Xu Jiatong and Xu Jun came to Shanghai to prevent Gao Feng from continuing his investigation. Gao Feng hoped that her anxiety and prevention were for emotion, not for other reasons. He might have guessed whether Xu Jiatong knew anything, but out of trust, he did not think deeply. The two people walked on a strange street, and the scene of breaking up that year was repeated again. It was impossible for them to go back to the past.

Gao Sihai also advised Gao Feng, if one day he proves that Xu Jiafu is not dead and personally sends Zhao Yue’e to the hospital, how should they face this relationship. However, Gao Feng did not retreat because of this. Instead, he had a dispute with Gao Sihai. He used to face feelings with a firm attitude, but everything started with Gao Sihai’s disappearance and gradually became completely unrecognizable.

Overnight, there was no trace of Gao Sihai. Gao Sihai walked down the street blankly, facing Zhao Yue’e, who happened by chance, he couldn’t recognize who was in front of him, he just wanted to find Xu Jiafu. Even if the memory has declined, people have become dementia, but Gao Sihai still did not let Xu Jiafu go, and did not give up wanting to investigate the truth.

When Gao Feng rushed to the hospital, he learned that Gao Sihai had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease as early as a year ago, but he had kept it from his family for so long. Gao Feng regretted the quarrel with his grandfather last night, but Gao Sihai no longer remembers what happened, so he could only investigate Xu Jiafu.

Xu Jiatong, who walked alone on the streets of Shanghai, recalled the sweet feelings of the past and hoped that Zhao Yuee could let go of Gao Feng, but everything was in vain. Zhao Yuee would rather be resented by Xu Jiatong for the rest of her life, and had made plans to start with Gao Feng. It was not difficult for her to arrange for him a reasonable cause of death. Zhao Yue’e quickly issued an order to the killer, but the handling method must not be repeated, otherwise it will definitely attract the attention of the police.

Last night, Liu Qingye watched Gao Feng go to meet Xu Jiatong with his own eyes, and rushed to “Xingshi to inquire about sin” the next morning. From the look in Gao Feng’s eyes, she saw that the other party wanted to help Xu Jiatong, and she didn’t want them to have any intersection, and she was worried whether Gao Feng was hiding anything for Xu Jiatong. When Gao Feng suddenly got close and his eyes met, he never concealed anything from the person in front of him. This kind of ambiguous promise made Liu Qingye’s heart beat suddenly and violently and escaped from the room.

Liu Qingye returned to her room and listened to the recording of the conversation with Gao Feng, which made her feel happy, put the recording in her heart, and showed a sweet smile. At this moment, Gao Feng had also received a text message from Wu Tianyue. When he left, he entered and exited from the same elevator as the killer. No one thought that Gao Feng at this moment was already in a very dangerous situation.

Xu Jun looked at the streets that were once familiar and unfamiliar, and his memory returned to the family who visited his wife for the first time in 1988. He met Li Changxu, the manager of Nanguo Xichuan Textile Co., because he did not pick up money once, and he had the opportunity to introduce Lianda Textiles’ products. Xu Jun’s character led Li Changxu and Lianda Textile Mill to sign a contract worth 20 million.

Xu Jun was promoted to section chief because of this incident, which was valued by the Wu family, and Zhu Shuzhen, who originally disliked him very much, also changed her past impression. Xu Jun is equal to the benefactor of Lianda Textile Factory, and is deeply loved by the Wu family. Naturally, Wu Guixiang and his wife also acquiesced in what their daughter wanted to be with him.

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