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Burning 燃烧 Episode 20 Recap

The burnt corpse had 32 teeth, while Xu Jiafu had only 28. He had also received dental treatment, but the burnt corpse had no trace of treatment. This is why Gao Sihai insisted that the burnt corpse was not Xu Jiafu. It’s just that no one can prove how many teeth Xu Jiafu has, and naturally it cannot be used as direct evidence.

Xu Jiatong knew this detail from Gao Feng’s mouth, and she also believed that the upright Gao Sihai had no reason to wrongly target Xu Jiafu. In addition, she saw how the killer killed Xu Da at the airport, and it was easy to tell the truth that Xu Jiafu was not dead at all, and Zhao Yue’e had been killing people to conceal it.

It is precisely because Xu Jiatong guessed the truth that he chose to invest in more risky projects. Faced with the pressing of her granddaughter, Zhao Yue’e could only confess the truth that Xu Jiafu was not dead. She was so eager to let Xu Jiatong sell Longxing Jiatong at a low price, precisely because of the purpose of asking her granddaughter to come back to help. Xu Jun is upright and kind, abiding by discipline and law, not to mention the cause of his wife’s death may be involved. Once he knows the truth, he will inevitably collapse.

Zhao Yue’e agreed that she would not act on Gao Feng as a last resort, but he had some tenacity inherited from his parents and would not easily give up investigating the case. Her promise was meaningless in the face of reality. To protect the truth and protect Xu Jun’s beliefs, Xu Jiatong will inevitably make a choice between his father and Gao Feng.

Feng Kai woke up from his nightmare, and the sudden appearance of the motorcycle affected the driver, causing the vehicle with the evidence to overturn. This is exactly the same as the death of Gao Jianshe that year. Back then, Gao Jianshe was driving on a highway curve and a motorcycle suddenly appeared, causing him to make a sharp turn and fall off a cliff. At that time, the police also looked for this clue to conduct an investigation, but found nothing. In the end, the case could only be closed with high construction fatigue driving.

Gao Feng, who was in Shanghai, met Qian Shengli who was in charge of Wu Guixiang’s death that year under the recommendation of Zhao Min. It was learned from Qian Shengli that Xu Jun was taking care of Wu Guixiang alone on the night of Wu Guixiang’s death. Except Wu Tian, ​​everyone believed in Xu Jun’s character, it was impossible to suspect that he killed his father-in-law.

Wu Guixiang obviously died in the arms of his lover Tian Xiaolan, but his wife Zhu Shuzhen rushed to the hotel to help clean Wu Guixiang’s body together, and called an ambulance after Tian Xiaolan left. Later, the police also discovered aphrodisiac medicine from Wu Guixiang’s body, and Tian Xiaolan’s ID card was used to open the hotel, and only then did Zhu Shuzhen’s lies be exposed. The fact has happened, and no one knows if Wu Guixiang could save his life if an ambulance was called in time.

Gao Feng then agreed with Wu Tian a time to meet. As he investigates more details, the more reasonable the connection and logic between all cases can be explained. Gao Feng began to suspect that Wu Guixiang’s death might not be able to escape Tian Xiaolan. At least she must have concealed some truth.

Liu Qingye and Zhou You also came to Shanghai to meet with Gao Feng at Feng Kai’s orders. They exchanged information they found in their hands and stayed in Shanghai to investigate all the details of the year. As Gao Feng approached the truth bit by bit, he was like a wolf that would not let go of smelling the blood, and clinging to the truth, it made Zhao Yue’e more unbearable and wanted to attack him.

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