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Burning 燃烧 Episode 19 Recap

Whether the charred corpse was Xu Jiafu or not, the police have never come to a conclusion. Xu Jun, who had no place to stay in Xu Village, came to Shanghai alone in ragged clothes. His academic performance has always been excellent and his future is boundless, but Zhao Yuee insisted that he, who had not graduated from high school, dropped out to find Wu Guixiang, the director of Shanghai Lianda Textile Factory, to seek acceptance.

Xu Jiafu absconded with 400,000 yuan. Wu Guixiang had a close relationship with him, so he was interrogated by the police twice in three days. This case has not yet been concluded. In order to save himself, it is natural for Wu Guixiang to be unwilling to take in Xu Jun. The kind and dignified Xu Jun didn’t hold any resentment for this. In the end, Wu Guixiang’s act of collecting money made Wu Guixiang change his mind.

On the second day after arriving in Shanghai, Gao Feng immediately approached Zhao Min, former police officer of the Shanghai Criminal Investigation Corps, to learn some details about the case that year. Back then, Wu Guixiang had a heart stent, but when he opened a room with his lover, he even took a lot of Chinese and Western aphrodisiac drugs, leading to a coma and staying in the intensive care unit for a year.

During Wu Guixiang’s hospitalization, he never showed signs of awakening, but when his condition seemed to improve, he died of a sudden cerebral infarction, just like Xu Da’s death. And Wu Guixiang left a will before he died, leaving all the inheritance to Xu Jun, who was already his son-in-law.

Such a result was unacceptable to Wu Guixiang’s nephew Wu Tian, ​​and he insisted that Xu Jun had forged the will. To this end, the Shanghai Criminal Investigation Corps also specially hired a note-taking expert to appraise the notes of the suicide note. The result confirmed that the suicide note was written by Wu Guixiang himself. Moreover, the will was notarized at that time, and Wu Guixiang’s wife and daughter can also prove that Wu Tian naturally lost the lawsuit without any suspense.

In 1996, Gao Jianshe also came to Shanghai to understand the relevant situation because of this incident. Lianda Textile Factory was a star industry in Shanghai at that time. Xu Jun’s fortune was like a pie in the sky, and it was undoubtedly smashed on him. All of Gao Feng’s investigation directions and trajectories at this time coincided with Gao Jianshe’s height. He is now walking every step his father has taken.

Feng Kai’s thoughts on the case coincided with Gao Feng’s. He also wanted to take out the relevant evidence and files of the autopsy case, only to realize that it had been destroyed in a heavy rain. He found the former police officer who was responsible for the removal of the files and learned that the heavy rains in Longcheng at that time even caused landslides and many people died.

In such a harsh environment, it is not the best time to move, but the only requirement for Longxing to invest in the construction of the new building is to obtain the land of the old building for development and construction. Long Xing has always used such legitimate reasons to urge the police to move in harsh environments.

The reason why only the archival evidence in the case of Xu Jiafu was destroyed is that under such heavy rain, the vehicle overturned halfway and the carport was damaged. I could only watch the material evidence and files become contaminated. The reason why the vehicle will turn over is that the road on Taiyuan Road is undergoing pipeline renovation, and the road surface is narrow and slippery. When the evidence vehicle drove here, a very fast motorcycle suddenly drove on the opposite side. The driver slammed the steering wheel to avoid the vehicle, causing it to roll over.

Feng Kai’s first reaction when he learned that the situation was the same as Gao Sihai, thought it was a man-made conspiracy. However, the resources were lacking and there were not many surveillance probes. Even if the police station tried their best, no clue was found. In the end, the police officer in charge of the escort had to carry the scapegoat, and the incident was not resolved.

On the night of 1986, Wu Guixiang’s daughter Xiaoling was already devoted to Xu Jun. After being rescued by Xu Jun, after she was almost raped, she insisted on marrying him despite the opposition of her family. If Xu Jun can get everything now is a conspiracy, then no one knows whether this hero saving the United States will also be Zhao Yuee’s plan.

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