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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 7 Recap

Sitting on the hi bed, Wang Yiyi looked at the strange things and couldn’t tell the taste. Chen Jiaxin walked in and closed the door for him. The two sat back to back together. Wang Yiyi told her that she could not sleep together tonight. Chen Jiaxin was a pregnant woman going to bed. Seeing him like this, Chen Jiaxin felt very sorry for him and was always sorry. Wang Yiyi saw that she was sorry again, and was so upset that she couldn’t tell her heart, and she said anxiously that she would get the compensation and disappear. He was not intentional in fact. His life was out of control. Everyone was watching his jokes, but he was helpless.

Chen Jiaxin promised that after the child is born, he will disappear and will not appear in front of him and Shi Anna. Shi Anna sent him a small video to tell him the success of her career. She hoped that Wang Yiyi would be with him at this moment, which made Wang Yiyi strengthen his determination to divorce and let the lawyer draft a divorce agreement.

Lin Xishi warned him that Chen Jiaxin was his only daughter. If Wang Yiyi had any other thoughts after marriage, he would never let him go, and he would have to travel to Shanghai to find him trouble. Lin Xishi knew that Wang’s family was great, and she tried to accompany her dowry. She wanted her daughter to be respected in the Wang family. Wang Zhenzhu was very moved. She saw the simplicity and kindness of Chen Jiaxin’s family.

She liked the granddaughter-in-law very much, asked Chen Jiaxin to move home and live with her, and also invited the best Yuesao to make Wang Jieyi half dead but had nothing to say.

Lin Xishi gave away her daughter in this way. With tears in her hands, she gave the daughter who had been working hard for several years to another man. Although she knew that she and Wang Yiyi had a weak emotional foundation, she still hoped that her daughter would be happy.

Liu Siqi asked Chen Jiaxin’s child’s father. Chen Jiaxin had no choice but to confess Wang Yiyi.

Chen Jiaxin wore a wedding ring, so she didn’t dare to illuminate a shiny pigeon egg. Early in the morning, I also helped my colleagues to buy breakfast. My colleagues cancelled her with her pregnancy, but Liu Siqi helped her out.

Wang Zhuling wore Wang Xiuling to buy supplements for Chen Jiaxin, and a couple quarreled on the road, which made Wang Zhuzhu afraid that the two had no emotional basis and it was difficult to continue. She thought she should protect Chen Jiaxin.

Lawyer Shen helped Wang Yiyi prepare a fair divorce agreement, he did not intend to let Chen Jiaxin know first. Chen Jiaxin came to Lawyer Shen, and Lawyer Shen asked her to help bring a document to Wang Yiyi. She only knew that Lawyer Shen knew it.

Liu Siqi accompanied Chen Jiaxin to purchase. Chen Jiaxin took out his account book for the things that needed to be purchased, and once again threw the wallet to the supermarket. Fortunately, Dylan picked it up and handed her the document and wallet to her, which happened to see her wedding ring. Very happy for her. She returned the lucky chips to Dylan. Dylan told her that there was something to call herself.

Wang Yiyi found the person in charge of Huaniao Island, where almost no one went. This person is Wang Zhengren. He went to the shelf, who knew what the factory director told him, what cousin dragged, Chen Jiaxin was Wang Yiyi’s wife, and she was pregnant.

Shen Zhenzhu took Chen Jiaxin around at home, and Chen Jiaxin has now moved into the Wang family. Wang Xiuling learned from Wang Zhengren’s mouth that Chen Jiaxin was pregnant, and the two were very angry. Chen Jiaxin was pregnant, and now they feel even less at home.

Chen Jiaxin entered Wang Yiyi’s bedroom and saw Shi Anna’s huge photo. She couldn’t help but sigh, facing Anna’s photo, she promised that she would leave by then.

Wang Yiyi brought a divorce agreement, which contained many favorable conditions, but Chen Jiaxin thought he was misunderstanding that he would come to trouble in the future and could not help crying.

Early the next morning, Chen Jiaxin signed the divorce agreement. She agreed to leave the child to Wang Yiyi, but she would not ask Wang Yiyi for the money. At the same time, she also returned the wedding ring to Wang Yiyi, and also guaranteed that she would not tell her grandmother.

Chen Jiaxin found that no colleague let himself take things today, but took other colleagues, and everyone in the office cared for her very well, and her job as an administrative assistant became the special assistance of lawyer Shen.

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