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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 5 Recap

Wang Zhengren was arranged by Wang Zhenzhu to the company, and Wang Xiyi was informed that although An Sen was very dissatisfied with what Wang Xiuling did, he could not say anything.

Wang Xiyi asked Chen Jiaxin to meet, but Liu Siqi called to tell Chen Jiaxin that she was ranked first on the hot search because of morning sickness. After seeing the joy of hot search and laughter at home, Wang Zhenzhu realized that this was the girl at the exhibition.

She sent the photo to Dylan. Dylan told her by the way that recently Wang Yiyi was talking about divorce with this girl. Wang Zhenzhu was flabbergasted. She looked at the application for grants from Flower and Bird Island and suddenly had an idea in her heart.

Chen Jiaxin’s mother Lin Xishi lived in Huaniao Island. Her mother was very dissatisfied with her not going to get married in a big city. At this time, she got a message that Chen Jiaxin really had a “big deal”…

Wang Yiyi came to pick up Chen Jiaxin to the airport. On the way, he gave Chen Jiaxin a blank check and wanted to compensate Chen Jiaxin. Anna agreed to her proposal, and if Chen Jiaxin could accept the ticket, he would feel more at ease. Chen Jiaxin couldn’t tell him about her pregnancy. She touched the little life in her belly and couldn’t express regret.

Wang Zhuzhu didn’t sign the application for funding. Wang Xiuling took Wang Zhengren to buy clothes, which delayed Wang Zhengren’s contract. At this time, An Sen was frantically making a phone call…

At the airport, Wang Yiyi received a call from Anson, and Wang Zhengren, the appropriation document, had not been sent. Now that the sentiment of the islanders broke out, he needed to go back and deal with it immediately. Wang Yiyi had no choice but to temporarily drop Chen Jiaxin and rush back to the company.

At the next moment, Chen Jiaxin received a call from her mother and ordered her to go back immediately. The workers at Huaniao Island did not receive the severance payment in time. Wang Yiyi had to apologize in person. He did not know that it was the grandmother who deliberately withheld the documents.

Lin Xishi stood at the dock and waited for Chen Jiaxin. Her relatives also received bank repayment text messages. Lin Xishi was very worried that her daughter would find an online loan company to repay the money. It turned out that her mother did not know about her pregnancy and thought she owed money to the bank.

Lin Xishi thought that the loan lenders would come to the door, and when they saw a group of people on the island, they were shocked. When they came over, they found out that they were islanders. They told Lin Xishi that the leaders of Shanghai would come to inspect.

Chen Jiaxin was in the same boat as Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi saw the workers on the island pulling a banner welcoming him from afar. Suspiciously it was a huge banquet. The islanders did not know him. It was taken. The real Wang Yiyi wore a casual outfit on the ship to escape the disaster.

Seeing Lin Xishi dragging Chen Jiaxin home, Wang Yiyi was also very surprised why he met Chen Jiaxin here. He decided to follow Chen Jiaxin.

The factory director and the workers saw Chen Jiaxin’s hot search. Everyone took a closer look and found that it was Lin Xishi’s daughter.

Wang Xiyi followed Chen Jiaxin and overheard her being educated by Lin Xishi for owing money. He was wondering who would know that the islanders came to report Lin Xishi and Chen Jiaxin was pregnant. Not only did Lin Xi tremble with anger, Wang Jieyi was also scared of the scalp outside the door.

Chen Jiaxin took the responsibility, and let Lin Xishi not utter any words about Wang Xiyi. Wang Yiyi couldn’t bear her to be beaten again, rushed out to stop Lin Xishi, and admitted in public that he was the father of the child.

Faced with Lin Xishi’s aggressive approach, Wang Yiyi didn’t know what to do, which angered Lin Xishi even more and the family chased him.

All this was planned by Wang Zhenzhu. She specially sent her grandson to the island to fight her mother-in-law, so that Wang Xiyi would remember for a long time. Ansen admits that he is not Wang Yiyi. Wang Yiyi has already turned around on the island, which makes the director’s plan fall through and the workers are so angry.

Lin Xishi tied up Wang Yiyi’s five flowers, she asked Wang Yiyi to be responsible for Chen Jiaxin, Chen Jiaxin took care of him, told his mother Wang Yiyi to help him, Lin Xishi called Lai Zishan to search for her body, took out Wang Yiyi’s mobile phone to take a video, and also called Wang Zhuyi’s phone, originally The momentum is strong, who knows that Wang Zhenzhu is very cooperative and happy.

Wang Zhenzhu asked An Sen to tell the workers that she would go to the island in person tomorrow, and she would be a family in the future.

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