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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 4 Recap

The back of the girl who looked very much like Chen Jiaxin led Wang Yiyi to walk over. When she turned around, Wang Yiyi found out that it was not Chen Jiaxin. He was distressed and asked his lawyer for help, saying that he had a friend who wanted to divorce. The lawyer asked many practical questions, such as property division, prenuptial agreement, etc., and confused Wang Yanyi’s question and had to start from scratch.

Chen Jiaxin was nausea, Liu Siqi thought she had a stomach problem, scared Chen Jiaxin thought to expose. The lawyer’s complaint was unintentional, and he mentioned that this man was too scum. Some girlfriends were married to other girls. It was really scum. Wang Yiyi’s face changed.

When Wang Yiyi came out, he heard that the people in the company were scolding Chen Jiaxin again, and when everyone saw her stern, Gu Chi came to trouble. Wang Xiyi couldn’t bear to look at it anymore, personally repaired Gu Chi and forced him to apologize to Chen Jiaxin. Warn him that if he harassed Chen Jiaxin again, things would not be so simple.

The company was up and down. Chen Jiaxin was scolded by Wang Yiyi, and he immediately took away Chen Jiaxin, which surprised everyone in the company.

Wang Yiyi thought of the lawyer’s reminder and wanted to talk to Chen Jiaxin about the conditions of divorce. Chen Jiaxin proposed that after the formal divorce, Wang Yiyi was invited to dinner. Wang Yiyi thought she wanted a big lion to speak, but he was surprised by such a simple request.

Chen Jiaxin couldn’t help vomiting when he was eating, and he also shocked Wang Yiyi. Dylan came to send artwork to Grandma Wang. He was a special art consultant and invited Grandma to a charity exhibition. Grandma agreed.

An Sen came to the Wang family to give grandmother Wang Zhenzhu something, the file fell on the ground, he opened it and immediately shocked, it was actually Wang Yiyi’s marriage certificate!

When Chen Jiaxin returned to the company, everyone’s attitude towards her was a 180-degree turn, and she was attentive. Liu Siqi’s gossip king analyzes the relationship between Yi Yi and Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin dare to tell the truth, he can only support us in the past. Liu Siqi gave her tickets for the charity art exhibition, and she promised to go and see it.

Chen Jiaxin also liked one of the works, but the last one was bought by Wang Zhenzhu. Seeing her so lost, Wang Zhenzhu asked Dylan to give her the painting. Chen Jiaxin was sick again, and when he went to the bathroom, he hurriedly dropped something, but was picked up by Dylan.

Dylan found Chen Jiaxin’s phone and sent her the handbook and the painting she had lost. Chen Jiaxin was artistically talented, and Dylan was able to chat with her.

Chen Jiaxin bought a pregnancy test stick, ready to test early pregnancy. Wang Yiyi told Anson about it. Anson was shocked and summoned the courage to tell him that in order to satisfy the chairman’s desire to hold his great grandson, the security measures he prepared for him were flawed. At this time, Chen Jiaxin detected that she was pregnant! ,

Chen Jiaxin walked out of the toilet in a state of disappointment. When she met the internet celebrity who came to live broadcast, Chen Jiaxin was dizzy and vomited. The internet celebrity thought she had eaten something unclean, and she fell out of the pregnancy test stick in a panic. Dylan only knew that she was pregnant Too.

Chen Jiaxin did not dare to face it. She was afraid that she would be a disaster for Wang Yiyi. Her lack of self-confidence made Dylan very pitiful and gave her a lucky chip, hoping that she would be happy next time she saw her again.

Wang Xiuling took her son Wang Zhengren back to cry and apologize to Wang Zhuzhu. She is Wang Zhuzhu’s daughter. Because she didn’t listen to Wang Zhuzhu, she stole the company’s money to go abroad. She made Wang Zhuzhu very angry and drove her out. But Wang Zhengren liked the grandmother very much, and Wang Zhenzhu was so sorry that he had to reconcile with his daughter.

Chen Jiaxin hesitated to decide whether she wanted to tell Wang Yiyi about her pregnancy. She really didn’t know how to open her mouth. At this time, Wang Yiyi also looked at the marriage certificate, and Shi Anna called and told him that he had not received Wang Yiyi’s flowers for the first time yesterday. She told Wang Yiyi that she was willing to marry him. After the performance, she returned to the family.

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