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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 3 Recap

Chen Jiaxin took the ring off his hand and returned it to Wang Yiyi. At that time, the sky suddenly exploded with fireworks, and Wang Jieyi suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to cancel the proposal. Now the staff took Chen Jiaxin as the object of the proposal and cheered. Wang Yiyi couldn’t help it, and didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of everyone. Chen Jiaxin saw him help himself so many times, was ready to help him complete the scene, and accepted his proposal in front of everyone. Not only did Wang Yiyi put her on the ring, the two also signed their names together on the marriage certificate, and until this moment, the two people knew what each other was called. Chen Jiaxin understood that she did not belong to her tonight, but she did feel happy.

Early the next morning, the two opened their eyes and were suddenly taken aback, almost bouncing off the bed. Because they didn’t wear anything and lay on the same bed. Recalling the memories, it turned out that under the influence of yesterday’s atmosphere, the two drank and became confused. Chen Jiaxin clutched his head in agony, this trip was really thrilling.

During the conversation between the two, Chen Jiaxin told him that it was okay. She only wanted to marry someone she liked. Wang Yiyi was a good person, and he could not hurt someone he had thought about for life because of herself. She knows that she is very ordinary, because of Wang Yiyi’s encouragement, she only found the courage to face the scumbag, just as last night was a dream.

Wang Yiyi gave Chen Jiaxin a gift and asked the waiter to send it. She opened it and saw the letter of apology and encouragement to her. Last night’s beautiful red dress, beautiful jewelry, everyone’s attention to her, that beautiful ring and grand marriage proposal are like a beautiful dream, and now they are all sent to her by Wang Yiyi. Although she is very yearning, but She still decided to return to her ordinary self.

The two said goodbye when they disembarked. Chen Jiaxin hoped to never see him again. Wang Yiyi looked at her back and prayed silently, hoping that Chen Jiaxin could meet someone who cherished her.

Dylan was looking for his sister everywhere, and even went to win the lucky chips of others, hoping to give himself good luck. Walking on the street, his chips fell to the ground, and the next second, it happened to be picked up by Anna.

Dylan entered the store and saw a little boy buying gifts for his mother, but his money was not enough. Dylan was moved by him and helped him pay.

It rained on the streets of Paris. Anna found a coffee shop to avoid the rain. She called Wang Yiyi and told her that her training was about to end. However, Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi received the news that the marriage certificate was left on the cruise ship. They scared Chen Jiaxin and screamed. Wang Yiyi was also very surprised. He called Chen Jiaxin and asked her to go to the consulate immediately.

The marriage certificate has become true, and it actually has a legal effect, and it cannot be cancelled. The two went to ask the cruise ship how to divorce. The answer was that since the marriage was in the Bahamas, the divorce must also go to the Bahamas.

Wang Xiyi had to book a flight ticket immediately and divorce Chen Jiaxin. Chen Jiaxin promised that he would never tell the story.

Dylan helped the Chang family. Children with autism from the Chang family invited him to his own charity art exhibition. Dylan agreed to go.

From Liu Siqi’s mouth, it turned out that Wang Yiyi was a customer of the company, and she did not dare to tell Liu Siqi her relationship with Wang Yiyi.

Looking at Shi Anna’s photos, Wang Yiyi feels that all these are too ridiculous recently. Wang Yiyi took the ticket and was going to the meeting. The two of them staggered in the company building. Chen Jiaxin suddenly found that her physiology was three days late, which made her a little puzzled, and she was always on time.

People in the company were looking for Chen Jiaxin everywhere again, shouting Chen Jiaxin’s name, which made Wang Jianyi doubt whether Chen Jiaxin was working here. He slowly walked over and saw a figure very much like Chen Jiaxin.

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