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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 12 Recap

Wang Xiyi asked Wang Zhengren what the hell was going on. Wang Zhengren’s support for Wuwu refused to tell the truth. Wang Yiyi immediately told Wang Zhengren that he was fired. Chen Jiaxin stood up to speak for Wang Zhengren. She thought that downloading the picture could not explain anything. The two almost quarreled. Chen Jiaxin thought that Wang Zhengren was not a bad boy, and Wang Zhenzhu also decided to believe him. He had to remember this time, but he would not be fired.

Seeing that his family was standing on the side of Wang Zhengren who had clearly made a mistake, Wang Yiyi was very angry and fell off the document and left. Chen Jiaxin came to Wang Yiyi and came to him to apologize. He was angry, and Chen Jiaxin’s apology did not make him feel better, but ignored Chen Jiaxin.

An Sen also worried that the things of Wang Zhengren and Zhou Zhan would affect the development of the company. Wang Yiyi decided to talk to Zhou Zhan. Coming to the tennis court, Wang Yiyi warned Zhou Zhan that he didn’t care about the company and himself, but bullying Wang Zhengren wouldn’t work. Zhou Zhan said that the scandal was not this one, but that he acted intimately with other women some time before the proposal.

Wang Zhengren sat alone and walked away. Chen Jiaxin went to comfort him alone. The two talked about Wang Jianyi. Chen Jiaxin told Wang Zhengren that Wang Jianyi was not worried about Zhou Zhan’s dealing with the company, but about bad Wang Zhengren. He also taught Zhou this morning. exhibition.

Wang Zhengren was very surprised, Wang Yiyi appeared, looking for him to come to Zhou Zhan to threaten Wang Zhengren to take a photo of the company’s information, which actually contained a close photo of Wang Yiyi and Anna. It turned out that Wang Zhengren was afraid that this photo would affect the feelings of Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi, so he bought it for himself. The grandmother’s password is used to read company information, which is why he wants to know the company down to earth. The two things collided together, so Wang Zhengren was misunderstood. Wang Yiyi comforted his younger brother and sincerely apologized to him, let the brothers’ feelings melt.

Wang Yiyi listened to Chen Jiaxin’s opinion, replaced the logistics company and upgraded the cafe, which caused Ansen to be surprised. He thought that he was relaxed with Chen Jiaxin. Afterwards, it was Anna who was with him, but Chen Jiaxin was on the spot. This made Wang Yiyi’s face change and drove Anson away.

Ansen hinted that Liu Siqi and Chen Jiaxin like to plug in other people’s teams, only to make Liu Siqi very worried. She immediately sent a message to Chen Jiaxin that Wang Jianyi had a girlfriend before getting married. Next week, Wang Jianyi will go to Europe to date her girlfriend. Chen Jiaxin couldn’t answer the phone. She went back to the room and heard Wang Yiyi’s tender call to Shi Anna. She told Wang Yiyi that he could try to talk to grandma about his trip to Paris. Liu Siqi heard about the two of them, and Qian Dingwan asked him to be more considerate.

Wang Yiyi is going to Paris, and he will give Chen Jiaxin special training before leaving. Chen Jiaxin was very interested in her work and kept taking notes, but when Wang Yiyi’s turn came to speak, she actually took a nap and temporarily forgot about those emotional things.

Wang Zhenzhu found that Chen Jiaxin had the potential to run the company and was very attentive to the details of the company. She was very satisfied. But at the next moment, she turned to the European investigation plan, and she looked at Chen Jiaxin thoughtfully. Chen Jiaxin said that he was thinking for the company, and Wang Zhuzhu agreed.

Grandma agreed, and Wang Yiyi was also very happy, holding Chen Jiaxin around in surprise. But beyond the surprise, he was still a little worried about whether Chen Jiaxin could be alone at home. Chen Jiaxin knows the value of Shi Anna’s dream. This time she hopes to make up for Wang Yiyi.

Wang Zhenzhu called Dylan to dinner, and Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi were called together. Wang Xiyi rolled his eyes when he saw him. In particular, Dylan asked Chen Jiaxin at the dinner table and changed Wang Jian’s face with anger. He was so annoyed that the two could talk together.

These are all grandma’s ideas. When Wang Yiyi thought that he had gone to Paris, Dylan was left at home by his grandma. He could also accompany Chen Jiaxin to the maternity check. He was half angry and had no other choice. Wang Zhengren returned home and faced three sessions of trial. Wang Yiyi asked him what Zhou Zhan saw him, and he said nothing.

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