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You Are My Destiny (CH) 你是我的命中注定 Episode 10 Recap

At the ceremony, Wang Yiyi told Chen Jiaxin that she was her husband. If she was not strong, what would everyone think of him? This was not just for Chen Jiaxin, but also for himself. Chen Jiaxin gathered courage and stood in front of everyone, listening to the gossip and rumors from the audience. She told everyone that she didn’t hurt Wang Zhenzhu or cheated grandma. Dilemma, she stood up and told everyone that he is the person in charge of the Chengjie Group. He was willing to work for everyone at Huaniao Island for Chen Jiaxin.

Zhou Zhan rushed and smelled of the soft water on his body. Chen Jiaxin vomited again and subconsciously pulled Zhou Zhan’s wig. The scene was very embarrassing for a moment. Zhou Zhan was furious and wanted to cancel the contract. Wang Yiyi didn’t care. He told Zhou Zhan that he had tried the shampoo, he didn’t like it, and he didn’t want it for money. He didn’t want his personality anymore.

Wang Yiyi is still concerned about the class in his mother’s classroom. It turns out that he has quietly started to change. Ansen was very happy to go home and told Liu Siqi that his group and Haifei Group had terminated the contract, and the future was bleak.

The workers came to Wang Zhengren and asked him where they should go. Wang Zhengren told everyone that it was Wang Zhiyi who had the final say and succeeded in bringing everyone’s anger to Chen Jiaxin and complained about Chen Jiaxin. Lin Xishi was also implicated, and the islanders were reluctant to send even rice, so Jia Tiancai came to ask Lin Xishi, let Chen Jiaxin tell Wang Yiyi, apologize to Zhou Zhan, give everyone a way to live, and give Lin Xi a half death.

Liu Siqi told Chen Jiaxin that Wang Yiyi’s recent busy schedule was too busy to save the inheritance. She wanted to ask Chen Jiaxin to go shopping. Chen Jiaxin refused, which made her very happy because Chen Jiaxin finally learned to refuse.

The people on the board of directors were very satisfied with Wang Zhengren and were dissatisfied with Wang Yiyi’s approach. However, Wang Yiyi was told that he would not choose any plan, and was very unhappy with the people on the board.

He is not because of Chen Jiaxin, he is because Wang Zhuzhu promised the islanders, so he is not willing to destroy Grandma’s credit. When it was time to accompany Chen Jiaxin’s birth inspection, he did not want to go to Zhou Zhan to apologize, nor did he want to lay off staff. Instead, he went to the hospital and happened to meet Chen Jiaxin’s sister to come to Shanghai to find her. Wang Yiyi offered to accompany them to go shopping.

Looking at Wang Yiyi, Chen Jiaxin thought about Liu Siqi’s thoughts. Zi Shan invited Chen Jiaxin and Wang Yiyi to dinner. Who knew that there was a problem with the elevator. The three people were trapped in the elevator. Zi Shan was emotional because Wang Jieyi recently went to his mother’s class and saw at a glance that it was a sign of contractions, and his phone had no signal. , I asked the staff to call Hao Yongjun because he responded freely in the most recent class. Hao Yongjun was very satisfied while listening to him, and he also improved on Wang Yiyi.

The two were waiting for Zi Shan at the door of the delivery room. Wang Yiyi felt for the first time that fertility was so hard. For the first time, the two faced a new life and couldn’t express their happiness. Wang Yiyi went to see Wang Zhenzhu again. He actually had no knowledge of the board of directors. He was afraid that he could no longer protect the heritage. Anson told him that he was afraid that Wang Xiyi’s board of directors would be defeated and that he would be unemployed, so let’s take a look at Wang Zhuzhu. The two received the email and found an unexpected message from Europe.

On the board of directors, he told everyone that the heritage has passed the product data review, which proves that the heritage can be put on the shelf in Europe, and the history of domestic products will be rewritten. At this time, Hao Yongjun also came and told everyone that he was willing to speak for the Chengjie Group. He trusted Wang Jieyi more than he trusted the Chengjie Group. It turned out that Hao Yongjun was persuaded by Chen Jiaxin, and Wang Yiyi learned that this was because Chen Jiaxin was very surprised. He brought the teaching materials and told Chen Jiaxin that he would accompany her every time for maternity inspection and class, and would not let her face everything alone.

Haifei Group’s products were reported to have failed the quality test. The lineage has now been added to the order because it passed the audit. Wang Zhengren’s face is very unbearable, all of which shows that Wang Jianyi is right, he is wrong. Wang Yiyi rushed to the hospital and couldn’t wait to tell Wang Zhuzhu the good news. Chen Jiaxin was very happy for him and couldn’t help but also hug Wang Yiyi.

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