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We Are All Alone (2020) 怪你过分美丽

We Are All Alone (2020)
Other Title: Blame you for overly beautiful / 怪你过分美丽 / Guai Ni Guo Fen Mei Li / Blame You Too Beautiful

Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
China Mainland
Wang Zhi
Su Peng, Liang Zhen Hua
Release Date: 
Jun 8, 2020 – Jul 1, 2020
Related Show:
Adapted from the novel by Wei Zai, We Are All Alone: Special (Chinese side story)


  • Qin Lan as Mo Xiangwan (30)
  • Godfrey Gao as Mo Bei (32)
  • Wang Zi Yi as Xu Ling (22)
  • Wang Yao Qing as Yu Jiang (38)
  • Guo Xiao Ting as Lin Xiang (24)
  • Kara Hui as Ruan Lihua (42)
  • Yuan Cheng Jie as Song Lian (40)
  • Hou Zhi Qi as Qi Li Company Artist
  • Zhang Yan Yan as Zhu He (40)
  • Li Qian as Zhu Chendi
  • Wang Zi Teng as Liu Dawei
  • Zhang Tan as Zou Nan, Lin Xiang’s assistant
  • Wang Xing as Xiao Jing, Xu Ling’s assistant

Mo Xiang Wan is known as the iron-willed agent of showbiz and she has helped many young talents rise to stardom. Ten years ago, she dated Mo Bei, a hotshot lawyer who specializes in commercial law. Their paths cross again as Mo Xiang Wan tries to fulfill her dreams.

However, hidden dangers lie beneath the shimmering lights of stardom. This drama shows how hard people work behind the scenes of drama making, and how a drama’s success or failure depends on so many more factors than the actors’ performances. Despite her stature, she suffers a crisis that deals a big blow to her career. Through her encounters, Mo Xiang Wan eventually begins to appreciate the ingenuity and passion of veteran actors. She learns many things in the process of finding herself as she reclaims her road to success.


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