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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 9 Recap

Nian Mengyu and Lu Jiajia are making troubles, and suddenly Sun Xiaohui comes, and Nian Mengyu says to go to dinner with her. She also rented a house to her in a high-end apartment near the school, and even Sun Xiaohui couldn’t remember what she said about renting a house. In the evening, Nian Mengyu received a call from Sun Xiaohui, saying that her mother was coming to help her clean up the house, and Nian Mengyu immediately said that she would pick up her aunt. Early the next morning, Nian Mengyu found Lu Jiajia and asked her to help her clean the house.

Lu Jiajia went happily. Nian Mengyu returned with Sun Xiaohui and her mother. It was very embarrassing to see Lu Jiajia. Lu Jiajia didn’t say much, but Sun Xiaohui’s mother seemed to see something. After they left, she told Sun Xiaohui that the relationship between Lu Jiajia and Nian Mengyu seemed unusual. Sun Xiaohui said that it should be impossible, but she believed that there was no innocent friendship between men and women. If Nian Mengyu really treated Sun Xiaohui Okay, let him leave Lu Jiajia. Sun Xiaohui said that Lu Jiajia and Nian Mengyu started a business together, but only for Nian Mengyu as an accountant. After her mother heard this, she immediately said that she had a way to try out Nian Mengyu’s affection for Sun Xiaohui.

Sun Xiaohui took her mother to Nian Mengyu’s audio-visual store. Her mother asked Nian Mengyu who the accountants in the store were in charge, and mentioned that Sun Xiaohui had a cousin who studied accounting. The mother and daughter wanted her cousin Going to work as an accountant in the shop, Nian Mengyu said that she needs to discuss with Lu Jiajia. After all, she is also a shareholder. In the evening, he went to Sun Xiaohui again. Sun Xiaohui also said that his mother just wanted to see him this time, and the request was not excessive.

Nian Mengyu is very embarrassed. After all, Lu Jiajia has been accompanying himself in starting a business since the beginning. How could he open her if he said so. Sun Xiaohui was not happy either. She complained that Nian Mengyu didn’t consider her feelings and went away. Lu Jiajia took the initiative to find Sun Xiaohui, and then took the initiative to return the account to Nian Mengyu, pretending to be indifferent and saying that he should focus on his girlfriend. Although Nian Mengyu was unwilling, when he thought of Sun Xiaohui, he didn’t say anything, so he said he would give Lu Jiajia shares. Although the accounting matter was quickly resolved, Sun Xiaohui’s mother always felt that Lu Jiajia and Nian Mengyu were too close, so Sun Xiaohui must consider it clearly.

Sun Xiaohui gave Nian Mengyu a watch. He was so happy that he ran to Lu Jiajia to show off. Lu Jiajia was worried about Nian Mengyu. He returned to the bedroom and told his roommate that Sun Xiaohui was too serious. Although his roommates also felt that Sun Xiaohui was serious, he still advised Lu Jiajia not to be too wide. The two of them are male and female friends. What I want, after all, Lu Jiajia and Nian Mengyu have nothing to do with it.

Jiang Feng took a doll and apologized to Lu Jiajia. He said that it was his fault before. He should not try to change Lu Jiajia. Lu Jiajia said that he did not blame him. Jiang Feng told Lu Jiajia about his past events, saying that he had also been lost. Dazhi and Lu Jiajia agreed to go to the audio-visual store to watch the football game. Because of Sun Xiaohui, Lu Jiajia and Jiang Feng watched in the laboratory together, and Dazhi also found an excuse to slip past.

Nian Mengyu and Sun Xiaohui watched together, but Sun Xiaohui didn’t seem to understand at all. At the beginning of the second half, he also sneaked away to Dazhi. But he didn’t know that Dazhi and Lu Jiajia were together. After entering the house, he saw Lu Jiajia and Jiang Feng. He didn’t want to watch anything for a moment, and he went back to the audio-visual store silently and accompanied Sun Xiaohui to watch the series. Lu Jiajia went to pick up the courier, but accidentally met Sun Xiaohui also picking up the courier. He also heard her call the other party with an intimate tone. Lu Jiajia started to play drums again.

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