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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 4 Recap

Jiajia proposed to Xu Jie to break up, but he never walked out of the shadow of breaking up. Nian Mengyu often asked her to stubble, deliberately teasing her, hoping she would forget Xu Jie earlier. Grandpa and Grandma were so happy that the children came back and sent the two out.

Lu Jiajia went back to school and burned a love letter written by Xu Jie to her, but also shed tears, which scared Nian Meng Yu who thought that his family had died. It felt good to know that it was a love letter. He took Lu Jiajia to the cafeteria for dinner, and Lu Jiajia broke up. After that, there is no need to search and save money, and the food becomes normal immediately.

Jiang Feng is a substitute lecturer in Lu Jiajia’s class. He graduated with a doctorate and is handsome and humorous. The girls in the class like him very much. But Jiang Feng thought Lu Jiajia was interesting, and she was not angry and optimistic when she was ridiculed in public.

Lu Jiajia didn’t need to make money to fall in love anymore, and making money was useless. He planned to quit his job in the audio shop. Nian Mengyu knew that Lu Jiajia had a good literary skills. Lu Jiajia agreed to write a love letter to Sun Xiaohui.

Lu Jiajia helped Nian Mengyu write a love letter to Sun Xiaohui in the classroom, which Jiang Feng knew. Lu Jiajia asked Nian Meng Yu to discuss the countermeasures. Lu Jiajia proposed to tell the truth to Sun Xiaohui. Nian Mengyu came up with a way to let Lu Jiajia confess to Jiang Feng that she wrote the letter to Sun Xiaohui on her own and asked Jiang Feng to keep the secret. Lu Jiajia looked at the bottle picking year, and Meng Yu had always agreed to help himself.

Jiang Feng had no intention of telling things out. Seeing Lu Jiajia sincerely begged herself, and even comforting Lu Jiajia, she didn’t blame her. Lu Jiajia couldn’t explain clearly, so he accepted Jiang Feng’s misunderstanding and good intentions. Lu Jiajia says nothing about it. Nian Mengyu sighs that she is a female version of Fang Wenshan.

Jiang Feng met Lu Jiajia in the library and saw her catching a cold. She took her alone to the desk and told her that she could help her apply to study in the Netherlands. Lu Jiajia was not very concerned at first, and then slowly began to study Dutch hard. , Even do not participate in dormitory activities.

In a blink of an eye, in 2001, Tolu Jiajia was credited with writing a love letter. The relationship between Nian Mengyu and Sun Xiaohui developed quickly. Nian Mengyu rented a painting to take Sun Xiaohui with him, and also asked Lu Jiajia to help him record a tape and take it with him. Lu Jiajia recorded the theme song of the Dream of Red Mansions that Sun Xiaohui liked. Nian Mengyu suspected that her head was not good enough to make her work overtime again. Sun Xiaohui was so embarrassed when he heard the tape on the painting, he wanted to strangle Lu Jiajia.

The love letter was written by Lu Jiajia. When Sun Xiaohui asked Nian Meng Yu’s plot in the dream of the Red Mansions, Nian Mengyu’s answer turned over. Sun Xiaohui now knows that Meng Yu not only does not understand the Red Mansion at all, he does not even have cultural literacy.

Nian Mengyu was ugly and asked Lu Jiajia to write a letter of apology for himself. Lu Jiajia was writing, Jiang Feng sent her a message to call her to come and learn Dutch. Nian Mengyu knew that Lu Jiajia and Jiang Feng had been approaching recently , Reminding her that Jiang Feng is a playboy Sven scum, let Lu Jiajia stay away from him, Lu Jiajia didn’t care, Nian Mengyu still said things, she ran to Jiang Feng to open a small stove to learn.

Nian Mengyu was worried that Lu Jiajia and Jiang Feng would suffer a loss alone, and came to Jiang Feng’s laboratory and said lively to learn Dutch. Jiang Feng saw from his attitude that he came here not to learn but to find fault. Stimulated by him, Lu Jiajia saw that it was difficult to be a man in the middle of the gap between the two of them. He pretended to go to dinner, and Jiang Feng and Nian Mengyu proposed to go together.

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