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True Colours 嘉人本色 Episode 3 Recap

Lu Jiajia was confiscated by her mother for her pocket money. She thought that mobile phone roaming fees were too expensive, so she thought it would be more cost-effective to pick up bottles and sell money to buy phone cards. Do it, do it every day, picking up bottles on campus with big bags, and then take it back to the dormitory to clean it and save it to sell money. The roommates don’t understand her and think that she has picked up the rubbish to affect everyone’s life. Lu Jiajia promised to brush the bottle. It was very clean and would not be discovered by the aunt in the house.

Lu Jiajia was picking up bottles to buy phone cards so that she could often call and chat with Xu Jie, but recently she dialed the phone and said that Xu Jie was not in the dormitory, even if it was an appointment, he was not there, his roommate talk It is also yin and yang.

Nian Mengyu knew from the mouth of his classmates that Lu Jiajia was making money by picking up bottles, and almost squirted out the water he drank. Nian Mengyu was so distressed that Lu Jiajia saved money like a fur, and kindly persuaded her, but instead she yelled back.

Lu Jiajia saved nearly 1,000 yuan, prepared to buy a cell phone for Xu Jie, and borrowed 200 yuan from Yanyan. In the end, she was caught by the class teacher for training because of the bottle picking. Nian Mengyu knew that she had patted the class teacher’s ass and diverted her attention. By the way, she told the class teacher Lu Jiajia to pick up the bottle anonymously in order to save money and give it to roommates with financial difficulties. Only then was Lu Jiajia rescued. The head teacher even went to the department to promote Lu Jiajia’s helpful spirit.

Yanyan didn’t find Lu Jiajia and called Nian Mengyu to tell her that she had bought Xu Jie’s new mobile phone. When Nian Mengyu heard that Lu Jiajia had bought a bottle for Xu Jie’s bad guy, he didn’t buy a bottle. The phone card was so simple, he would not be angry, and called Yanyan to see Lu Jiajia as a friend.

Nian Mengyu came to Lu Jiajia’s dormitory to find her. She was still planning for the preservation of the bottle. Nian Mengyu distressed her and offered to ask her to work as an accountant for her audio shop. She gave her an extra two hundred dollars a month, but She was not allowed to pick up the bottle again.

For Lu Jiajia, Nian Mengyu rented a new shop next to her own audio shop. The equipment inside was also prepared for Lu Jiajia. She likes to cook. Nian Mengyu and Dazhi are also very enthusiastic about her cooking, in order to look like herself Not specifically prepared for Lu Jiajia, Nian Mengyu lied to her to let her exercise and cook, and Xiaohui can also enjoy when he brings Sun Xiaohui in the future.

The New Year’s Day in 2000 was approaching. Xu Jie did not fulfill his promise to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Lu Jiajia. Nian Mengyu had originally prepared tickets for the New Year’s concert to invite Sun Xiaohui to go with him, but was also rejected.

Both the lost and good-natured people returned to Beijing, but Xu Jie said that he was not responsible for Jiajia, even forbidding her to come to her school because she was the president of the student council. Lu Jiajia insisted on seeing Xu Jie. She took her suitcase and waited until dawn in the liberal arts school. Xu Jie didn’t show up. When she dragged the suitcase and pushed open the door of a small theater, she saw that Xu Jie was Playing happily for others, the stars are holding the moon, and he is surrounded by other girls who give flowers to him and hug him. This is the responsibility of the student council president Xu Jie said.

Nian Meng Yuzheng and his brother had a meal to discuss the newly opened Internet cafe. When Lu Jiajia never returned information, he put down the dinner and came to find her. Lu Jiajia waited for a day and ate nothing. In addition, her mood was low. She sat on the steps and returned to her stomach. Nian Mengyu saw it and remembered that Lu Jiajia was at the hotel last time and thought she was pregnant. Nian Mengyu comforted her not to cry, looking back and he took her to the hospital quickly, saying that this matter should not be delayed, he did not know that Lu Jiajia had not waited until Xu Jie that night. Lu Jiajia called Nian Meng Yu’s thoughts and scolded him for being neurotic. Lu Jiajia saw Xu Jie clearly and asked him to meet at the high school playground tomorrow afternoon.

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