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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 13 Recap

Ye Yunchen said that Ning Bozhu’s way of imperialism was interesting, and praised secretly, and on the surface it was harsh, Ning Bozhu felt that he was here to provoke discord. Ye Yunchen didn’t explain, he wanted to gamble with Ning Bozhu to see if he was instigating the discord, or if Zixian really had two intentions.

Ning Bozhu agreed, saying that the loser had to meet one of the other’s conditions and stretched out his hand to go with Ye Yunchen. Ye Yunchen didn’t know what she meant, so he hesitated and held Ning Bozhu’s little finger. Ning Bozhu was speechless, but he didn’t bother to correct it, so he hooked him. Two people came out of the backyard, Ning Bozhu looked very angry, saying that Ye Yunchen just can’t buy it. Since you don’t like their things, then don’t come in.

Now they still say that she has good character. problem. Xiao Xi’er and Zi Xian were stunned at one side, wondering what happened to the two of them. After Ning Baizhu said this, he winked at Ye Yunchen and asked him to pick up the words quickly. Ye Yunchen accused Ning Bozhu of being unkind and mixed. Ning Bozhu was very speechless.

This person was still playing on the spot and said so loudly all at once. Ye Yunchen winked at her, saying that the play was going to be a full set. Ning Bozhu simply picked up the toy hammer on the table and beat Ye Yunchen wildly. Ye Yunchen’s nose was beaten red. Zixian hurriedly came over to help Ye Yunchen and wanted to take him to the medicine. Ning Bozhu asked her to use the most expensive medicine, and it was credited to Ye Yunchen’s account.

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