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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 32 Recap

Song Rong persuaded Zhou Fang to stay, he went home very tired and fell asleep. Song Luo covered him with a blanket. The next day, Song Rong packed up and was ready to leave. He told Chen Chen not to inform anyone, but the company’s employees lined up at the door to send him away. Song Rong was shocked by everyone’s actions. He smiled and told everyone that Wan Feng Group We still need everyone, let everyone continue to work hard, and then took their own things and turned around and left Wan Feng. After leaving, Song Rin felt lonely, but at a glance saw Zhou Fang standing downstairs. Zhou Fang had been waiting for him at the gate of Wanfeng Group. She told Song Rin that even if he had nothing, She was there to support her and let Song Rong put it all down and start all over again.

Zhou Fang happily took Song Rin’s hand home, and Song Rong who didn’t need to work also had a lot of time, so that he could accompany Zhou Fang every day, do something to share with Zhou Fang. Shen Yuan went to the store to find Qin Qing and asked Qin Qing to eat together, which made Qin Qing unable to refuse and could only force himself to go out with Shen Yuan. Shen Yuan was very polite and intimate towards Qin Qing, but Qin Qing couldn’t be happier anymore, and could only force herself to face Shen Yuan with a smile. Shen Yuan told Qin Qing about Qin’s father and Qin’s mother, and also planned to find a winery, so that the two can go out for a vacation together, but Qin Qing had no interest in it, but reluctantly agreed. .

Zhou Fang very sincerely received the consumers who wanted compensation, so as to get their understanding, so that she could have time to raise money to make compensation. Zhou Fang didn’t care how much he lost this time, but wanted to use this to learn lessons, reapply the previously learned plant dyeing techniques, and reopen her own brand. This made her employees especially confident in her. , So I happily accompanied her to continue working overtime.

Song Rong waited for Zhou Fang to come home from work, let Zhou Fang accompany him to watch TV, and then took Zhou Fang to Wang He to give him a beloved locomotive to Zhou Fang. Wang He watched Song Rong take Zhou Fang with him, and was very surprised by Song Rong’s move. After making a joke about Song Rong, he immediately withdrew from the car shop and allowed Song Rong and Zhou Fang to get along alone. Song Rin sent Zhou Fang a locomotive, but Zhou Fang couldn’t ride at all. Song Rong let Zhou Fang ride up. He taught patiently next to him, and Zhou Fang moved Song Rin to touch, and the two were very sweet.

Song Rin sent Zhou Fang to work and happened to meet Shen Yuan and Qin Qing who came to Zhou Fang. This made Song Rin suspect that Shen Yuan was pursuing the offensive to Qin Qing. When Song Rin had doubts, she went to Zuo Yulin, wanted to see Zuo Yulin’s status, and chatted with Zuo Yulin by the way. Song Rin wanted to persuade Zuo Yulin to come out of the shadow of broken love as soon as possible. By the way, talk to Zuo Yulin about the project he was going to do and let Zuo Yulin help him prepare the plan. Song Rong went to talk to someone about selling shares, but because of the pressure from Su Yushan, no one dared to buy Song Rong’s shares, making him very passive.

When Song Rong left, he happened to meet Huo Chendong. Huo Chendong didn’t want to intervene, but he couldn’t help but ask Song Rin to go out for a drink and talk about equity. Huo Chendong talked to Song Rin about Zhou Fang’s things, only to show that Su Yushan can control domestic capital, but he has a lot of overseas capital in his hands, he can be Song Rong’s exclusive financing advisor, let Song Rong Work with him. Song Rinben also wanted to find overseas capital for cooperation and had a good talk with Huo Chendong. He promised to cooperate with Huo Chendong and accepted Huo Chendong’s suggestion.

Song Luo saw that Song Rong was in a good mood at home, so she showed Song Rong her transcript, and wanted Song Rong to honor his promise and let her go to study abroad. Seeing the transcript, Song Rong only said good things but did not mention the matter of studying in the country. Song Luo was particularly lost for this. Unexpectedly, Song Rong turned around and took out the materials for studying abroad, so Song Luo knew that his brother was himself. I was deeply moved by everything I had painstakingly arranged. Song Rin chose the school for Song Luo, bought an apartment near the school, and found a friend to take care of Song Luo, so that Song Luo could study well abroad.

Song Rin told Song Luo that he was very uneasy about Song Luo’s study abroad, so he called Shen Di again, hoping that Shen Di could take good care of Song Luo, don’t worry about falling in love, he hoped that Shen Di and Song Luoneng will fall in love after finishing school. Song Rin solved Song Luo’s affairs and continued his equity transfer. Unexpectedly, Huo Chendong found several very good overseas capitals for him, which surprised him very much.

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