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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 12 Recap

Ye Yunchen was very embarrassed holding the rabbit-ear hat. Zixian came over to greet him. Ye Yunchen put the things back on the shelf, very strange, and asked her if Ning Bozhu has always been like this. Zixian said that Ning’s shopkeeper is a girl, and she is young, and it takes less than a year to develop Ning’s excellent products.

To be the first in Tongcheng, there must be some means, and it is normal to be different from ordinary people. Zixian touched her hair. Ye Yunchen was surprised to see the wound on her wrist and asked her what was wrong. Zixian said that the shopkeeper Ning took Ningjia Youpin very seriously. If she made a mistake, she would suffer some skinny. The suffering will be remembered next time and will not be committed again. Ye Yunchen didn’t say anything, and asked Zixian what was Zixian’s name. Zixian said that her surname was Cao Zixian, who had been here because of the war.

Fortunately, Ning Bozhu took her in and rewarded her with a bite of food. Ning Bozhu returned to the backyard and felt very disgusted with him. He felt that he was too unpromising. Such a simple trick of sultry sisters could make him ashamed. Xiao Xi’er didn’t know what happened to Ning Bozhu. Ning Bozhu felt that Ye Yunchen had no good intentions, and felt that he would stay away from him in the future, so he was simply blacklisted. Ye Yunchen happened to come over and asked Ning Bozhu what the blacklist was, and accused her of being unkind, and handing over her own VIP to a servant.

Xiao Xi’er received Ye Yunchen’s wink, and quickly slipped away. Ning Bozhu was very depressed, but there was no way. Ning Bozhu said that Zixian is not a servant, but the gold sales of their store. Regardless of men, women and children, there are no customers she can’t handle. Ye Yunchen asked her where she found this person. Ning Baizhu said that she bought it from a trafficker three months ago.

At that time, she was wounded and very pitiful, so she was left behind. She didn’t expect her to stay. Can settle accounts and write well. Ye Yunchen said that Ning Bozhu’s way of imperialism was interesting, and praised secretly, and on the surface it was harsh, Ning Bozhu felt that he was here to provoke discord.

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