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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 11 Recap

Ning Baizhu asked them to hang a red ribbon at the door of Ningjia Youpin, stood outside watching, and kept moving them around. After moving for a long time, they were finally satisfied. Ribbon banners hung at the door of Ningjia Youpin, which looked very festive. Ye Yunchen came over suddenly, saying that he had never expected Ning Bozhu to get up so early.

Ning Bozhu was very depressed. She had just spent 800 taels of silver on disaster relief, so she naturally wanted to get up early to make money. Ning Bozhu asked Ye Yunchen to take care of her business, and Ye Yunchen agreed, saying that he wanted Ning Bozhu to take him to choose. Ning Bozhu was very happy and invited him to the store. Ye Yunchen looked at things in the shop, and Ning Bozhu silently followed him. Xiao Xi’er slipped in and quickly picked off the price of the goods.

Ye Yunchen looked over suspiciously, and Ning Bozhu quickly turned his face away in order to prevent him from seeing it. The two people looked at each other, which was very embarrassing for a time. Ning Baizhu quickly let go of Ye Yunchen and picked up something to recommend. This is a good night scent, which has a particularly good effect. It also has an eyebrow seal. You can draw your eyebrows with just one click.

Ning Baizhu felt that even though Ye Yunchen, a big man, could not use it, he could give it to his wife. Ye Yunchen said that he hadn’t married yet and no one could give it away. Ning Bozhu continues to sell products. There are rollers here to make the face roll to ensure the skin is smooth and delicate. There are also dolls, layer after layer, which means many children are more blessed. There is also a straw cup, pure and natural.

Reed straws, special for lazy people. Ning Bozhu also wore a bunny ear hat, a single item from their store. Ye Yunchen couldn’t help but smile when he looked at it, saying that he was not suitable for wearing this, but Ning Bozhu was quite suitable for wearing it, and it was very lively. lovely. Xiao Xi’er couldn’t help laughing while watching. Ning Baizhu was very embarrassed. He said that Xiao Xi’er had something to do with her, and put the rabbit ear hat into Ye Yunchen’s hand, and took Xiao Xi’er away. She also called for Zixian to entertain the guests.

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