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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 18 Recap

Dong Yunxi wanted to find relevant clues from Gao Heshan’s son. He quickly found the house where Gao Heshan lived, and searched around the house and nearby neighbors. Li An found Dong Yunxi and stopped it temporarily. Dong Yunxi told Li An about Gao Yuntian’s affairs. Li An didn’t care about this and caused Dong Yunxi some doubts, so she used some beauty tricks to solve it easily. It turned out that Li An had long known that Gao Zhenhe was Gao Yuntian, because she was already tempted by Gao Zhenhe, and she could not let him know that he used his parents’ grudges to pry Uncle Wen’s mouth, otherwise he would tear the face first, and Li An could not let Dong Yunxi become She has been in control of the variables of the situation, which is also her fierceness.

Xingyue failed to find a suitable job, she crouched outside the talent market and waited for an opportunity. After getting the staff’s instructions, she went to the market to find a porter’s job. However, when someone collapsed, the patient was sent to an ambulance for medical treatment. The staff accidentally disengaged, fortunately Xingyue shot in time, taking this opportunity Xingyue found a job as a stretcher. Gao Zhenhe is still looking for a way to unlock the lock. Uncle Wen has been more cautious about things that could not be locked until now. Later, Gao Zhenhe asked Qin Shu to teach himself how to locate other people’s mobile phones. Qin Shu didn’t understand Gao Zhenhe’s mind for a while. He had to tell the truth. To locate the position of Xingyue, Qin Shu is somewhat dismissive of Gao Zhen He Mingming’s concern for Xingyue and pretending not to care. Through Qin Shu’s software, Gao Zhenhe located Xingyue in the hospital. He was worried about what happened to Xingyue, and he called to ask Yi Tian.

Yi Tian heard Gao Zhenhe’s call, he refused to say the location of Xingyue, and he also specially set Xingyue to do a variety of breakfast for himself. Uncle Wen was walking alone because he was lost and asked Gao Zhenhe to pick himself up. At this time, a fast-moving motorcycle suddenly appeared on the road and injured Uncle Wen’s leg. Gao Zhenhe hurriedly sent Uncle Wen to the hospital and happened to meet him. In Xingyue working in the hospital, Xingyue was busy carrying a stretcher outside to save people. Gao Zhenhe once thought that Xingyue was kidding. He was very distressed when looking at Xingyue’s injured hand because of the stretcher. He wanted to take Xingyue home. But Xingyue was very fulfilled in this job, so she refused to go back with him. Shana was also surprised when she learned that Xingyue was working as a stretcher.

Seeing Xingyue carrying the patient in and out of the ward again, Gao Zhenhe didn’t understand Xingyue’s insistence, and had to take her home, but Xingyue insisted that the thing to promise others was to do. Yi Tian went to Xingyue with food, which angered Gao Zhenhe. Gao Zhenhe questioned how Yi Tian took care of Xingyue. Yi Tian retorted that Xingyue would become like this because Gao Zhenhe and Shana were stimulated by turns. Gao Zhenhe Something could not continue to argue, so he had to stubbornly leave and Yi Tian was still with Xingyue.

At night, Uncle Wen recalled what happened during the day. It turned out that he had been hit by him in advance. The purpose was to make Gao Zhenhe soft-hearted. Qin Shu used a computer to crack the password lock of the box to no avail. Gao Zhenhe decided to suspend the calculation of Uncle Wen, but how much did Xana and Qin Shu pay for this matter, and there was also the threat of Li An, Gao Zhenhe didn’t have a soft heart for a while Taking into account too many consequences and arguing with Xia Na about Yi Zuo, Yi Tian is coming to Qin Shu for something. In the quarrel, they are both blasted away by the two.

Yi Tian came to Qin Shu to want him to become a brother and achieve their respective goals. Since Gao Zhenhe was different, he took Qin Shu out for dinner. Gao Zhenhe and Shana continue to quarrel because losing their parents makes Gao Zhenhe better for others. Xana and Qin Shu are Gao Zhenhe’s relatives who were born and died. It is impossible for Gao Zhenhe to send Uncle Wen together to bear the consequences. He Want to bear it all.

Yi Tian uses food to comfort Qin Shu. He wants to use the temporary conflict between Xingyue and Gao Zhenhe to ask Qin Shu as a surveillance, so as to prevent Gao Zhenhe from reconciling with Xingyue. Qin Shu doesn’t want to help Yi Tian at the moment, and Yi Tian’s logic is completely unfeasible. It is easier for Gao Zhenhe and Shana to be together, which is not what Qin Shu wants to see. Li An urged Gao Zhenhe to make progress again, and wanted to get the lock pattern to unlock. Gao Zhenhe firmly refused, because in his heart he was still swaying about whether to continue to count Uncle Ji Wen, Shana went to Li An to try the situation alone, and the two talked. The content is very simple, it is Gao Zhenhe.

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