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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 17 Recap

Gao Zhenhe took Shana to the hospital and drove Xingyue away. Qin Shu was very calm about this matter. He said that Uncle Wen had never trusted them at all. Xingyue was deceived by him to save Gao Zhenhe, who was very concerned about Gao Zhenhe When Xingyue encounters this kind of situation, it is impossible not to come. If Xingyue encounters danger, Gao Zhenhe will make the same choice. Gao Zhenhe realized this at the moment, and then Dong Yunxi threatened Gao Zhenhe on the phone, saying that he would find Xingyue trouble in the future. Gao Zhenhe was worried and a little regretful.

Doctor told them that Xana was sewed with six stitches and her brain was concussed, but the problem was not very big. Early the next morning, Xana, who was awakened, explained that she could not watch Xingyue injured, but now the real box is back in Uncle Wen’s hands, and everyone has a busy life. Dong Yunxi opened the fake box and found that he was fooled, but he had found Zhong Si, an old man who had worked in an old mine vein jewelry factory. Perhaps he could find some clues from him.

Gao Zhenhe attributed all these things to Dong Yunxi, and ran to question Li An, letting her manage Dong Yunxi not to interfere with his own affairs, otherwise he would not care about this matter, but Li An knew nothing and waited for Gao Zhenhe to leave. , She arranged to go down and check what happened. Xingyue visited Xia Na with guilt, and drew a letter of apology. Xia Na invited Yi Tian and Qin Shu out, and then talked to Xingyue alone. She said that her physical injury was nothing. If it was not Xingyue, she She will also save, but the sadness in her heart is difficult. Xana wants Xingyue to leave Gao Zhenhe, because Xingyue destroys the trust that she painstakingly established with Gao Zhenhe, and becomes a stumbling block to Gao Zhenhe’s success road, unable to protect Gao Zhenhe and will hurt he. Xingyue explained that she could protect Gao Zhenhe, who was afraid of the dark, and would earn him a lot of money. Xana denied that Xingyue’s basic value in the city made Xingyue uncomfortable.

Uncle Wen and Gao Zhenhe came to see Shana. Xingyue listened to Shana’s words very uncomfortably, and did not want to face Gao Zhenhe to see her eyes, she left first, and that letter of apology was seen by Gao Zhenhe. Xingyue and Yi Tian went out to relax, she wanted to understand what people’s basic value was, and what her own value was. Yi Tian told her that everyone’s value is different, don’t change for whom, only love You can love others better, and Xingyue Kindness simply wants to protect those who want to protect and help those who can help. Xingyue needs to live in Yitian’s house temporarily, and make money through his own efforts to achieve value, without causing trouble to anyone. Xingyue’s own efforts are a bit difficult to achieve, followed by Xingyue to women and men in the city There are new problems with the positioning of women. Women make money and have children to take care of their homes. Men do nothing but waste. Yi Tian explained awkwardly, but Xingyue still insisted on her own ideas.

Dong Yunxi’s purpose was obvious. He wanted Zhong Si to give himself some clues about the Yunchuan ore vein. About the ore vein and the former Xu Li, which is now Uncle Wen, Zhong Si did not know his whereabouts. He only knew something about Xu Li. Some things of his friend Gao Heshan and his family, after the death of Gao Heshan that year, he left his son Gao Yuntian an insurance compensation and related news reports. At the same time, Uncle Wen took out the photos in the box, thinking about Gao Zhenhe’s worth not trusting and the path he took.

Xingyue wants to change himself from learning to cook breakfast, get up early to prepare a rich breakfast for Yi Tian, ​​and rely on himself to find work. I didn’t have any change when I went out by bus, and I only had a one hundred dollar bill and a post-it note when I touched my wallet. Fortunately, a kind girl helped me to read the post-it note. Packed in Xingyue’s clothes, she was worried that Xingyue would be lost and someone could help her contact herself. Thinking of the way Gao Zhenhe secretly prepared for himself at that time, Xingyue felt warm. Xingyue registered in the talent market, but she didn’t know any words and had no special skills. She couldn’t find a suitable job and was laughed at by the onlookers.

Dong Yunxi wanted to find news of mine veins from Gaoheshan’s son Gao Yuntian, but Gaoheshan knew why the mine veins even deceived his son in a car accident. All this is a mystery that needs to be solved. Gao Zhenhe told Uncle Wen the identity of Dong Yunxi, but Uncle Wen still insisted on acting silly and refused to disclose anything, proposing that he wanted to go abroad to care for the elderly and no longer ignored the right and wrong of this place.

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