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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 16 Recap

Gao Zhenhe was about to go out, and Uncle Wen encouraged Xingyue to go with him. When Gao Zhenhe’s car left, Uncle Wen immediately followed him. Gao Zhenhe confirmed whether Xingyue was under the orders of Uncle Wen, and Xingyue honestly denied that Gao Zhenhe advised that even if he taught Xingyue to deceive people, Xingyue could never lie to him, and Xingyue agreed to follow Shana to eat good food.

Dong Yunxi asked the master who opened the lock to wish the master, but he only opened the first layer of locks, because the box was sealed by the three-layer key mechanism, anyone who unlocked it can only go to the second step, only the designer can open it, if Tough opening will inevitably destroy the contents. Dong Yunxi can only start from another place and send someone to send Master Zhu, and as soon as Master Zhu left, he was picked up by Gao Zhenhe. This scene was seen by Uncle Wen, who mistakenly thought that Gao Zhenhe arranged for someone to take him away. Box. The unlocker informed Gao Zhenhe of the specific situation of the box and learned that the box had not been opened yet, so Gao Zhenhe felt more at ease.

Retrieving the box is the first step, and opening the box is the second step. Qin Shu proposed to design a fake box to lie to Uncle Wen, leaving the real box to study slowly. When the box is opened, it doesn’t matter whether Uncle Wen knows the truth or not. . Gao Zhenhe went home with dinner. Uncle Wen Zhenhao had already prepared for the wine in the basement to pick up wine. The wine in the basement was kept in a secret door, so Wen Shuhe did not notice the abnormality. Xingyue had seen the secret door, and her sudden appearance worried Gao Zhenhe. In order to block Xingyue’s mouth, she said that she had fallen in love with her. Xingyue was close to Gao Zhenhe’s chest and listened to the heartbeat, Hormones Coupled with Xingyue’s close contact, Gao Zhenhe really blushed and her heartbeat accelerated. Both of them felt an electric shock. Gao Zhenhe slowly approached and kissed Xingyue, and the two hearts were close again.

Xana and Uncle Wen saw the intimacy of the two people at the same time, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward. Xingyue asked Uncle Wen what hormones are. Qin Shu Science explained that hormones are the catalyst for men and women to love each other, and Xingyue couldn’t help being secretly happy. Gao Zhenhe returned to the room to change clothes, Xingyue suddenly rushed into the room, first analyzed that Gao Zhenhe blushed at the first sight of him, not because of the hormone explained later, but really fell in love with Xingyue, Xingyue insisted Trying to feel an electric shock, Gao Zhenhe wrapped his naked upper body with a quilt, so that Xingyue kept a safe distance from herself. Xingyue had to overthrow Gao Zhenhe without listening, and Gao Zhenhe moved out of electrostatic theory to fool Xingyue in a hurry. Escape the level.

Uncle Wen is still thinking about Gao Zhenhe’s strange behavior. He decides to look at Gao Zhenhe’s next plan without moving. Uncle Wen seized the opportunity to question his burden and revealed the contents of the box with half-truth. Gao Zhenhe agreed to help Uncle Wen recover the box but was not in a hurry. This made Wen Shu more suspicious that Gao Zhenhe wanted to take the box as his own. Uncle Wen acted alone, planning to recapture the box, and the fake box mixed with fish eyes was completed, waiting for the real box to be gunned out. They planned to first rush in to control Dong Yunxi’s thugs, and then Gao Zhenhe personally dealt with Dong Yunxi and Shana. Taking away the fake box and leading Dong Yunxi away, the action could not be captured by the surveillance. Qin Shu was worried about Xana’s injury and wanted to replace her but failed.

Don’t want Xingyue to participate in this action, he arranged for Yitian to take Xingyue to play. Xingyue was originally happy to go out, but was uncle Wenyou who wanted to help Gao Zhenhe. During the smooth progress of the plan, the people arranged by Gao Zhenhe had already rushed into Dong Yunxi’s studio, and successfully forced Dong Yunxi to escape from the fire escape. Gao Zhenhe, who was stuck there, attacked Dong Yunxi directly and snatched the box. At the same time, Shana started to act, and Uncle Wen also came with Xingyue. He watched all the actions of Gao Zhenhe. When Gao Zhenhe took the real box back into the car, he took the home box and prompted Gao Zhenhe to save the savior. month.

Xingyue met Shana and was surrounded by a group of people. She bravely stepped forward to protect them. Although she repulsed some people, but one person wanted to attack Xingyue. Xianna saw a block for Xingyue after seeing it and hurt her head. Falling to the ground, Gao Zhenhe, who came later, lost his box and saw Shana injured. He spread his anger on Xingyue even if Xingyue was only used by others. Shana’s head was injured and the blood flow continued. Xingyue had to ask Yi Tian to rush to the hospital to see him. Gao Zhenhe was still in a hurry, hurting Xingyue with cruel words, accusing her of messing things up.

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