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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 Episode 15 Recap

Xingyue accidentally saw that Miss Nurse’s clothes were what she wanted. Yi Tian agreed to help Xingyue get more sets from her home. Gao Zhenhe left the table on the grounds of answering an important call, let Qin Shu and Xana stare at Uncle Wen, who was curious about how the three met, and Xana temporarily dealt with a sincere story, and then Gao Zhenhe stopped using the excuse of an important customer. Return to the dining table and fold home to find the secret box. During the short period of time when Uncle Wen returned, Xingyue went shopping and returned with a nurse’s uniform. Gao Zhenhe’s actions became more cautious, but he failed to find the box after a short time.

Gao Zhenhe entered the door as if he had just arrived at home. As a result, Xingyue changed her nurse uniform and invited Gao Zhenhe to watch the stars. Gao Zhenhe estimated that there was already star phobia. Inviting people to watch the stars in front of everyone caused everyone’s interest. Everyone decided to join the show. Team of stars. This kind of star-watching team made Xingyue very strange. Gao Zhenhe had to explain again that changing the star to a camping game. Xingyue was puzzled and the plan failed.

When Uncle Wen returned to his home and transferred the suitcase to his backpack, Dong Yunxi’s people sought out Uncle Shang’s friend in the nursing home and forced him to ask him about the relationship between Uncle Wen and the nursing home and why Uncle Wen moved suddenly. The man could not bear the intimidation and told the things about the nursing home and Uncle Wen, even the things about the box. The Xingxing Team is still shopping happily for camping. Xingyue is unhappy because there are too many people watching Xingyue. Gao Zhenhe is coaxing Xingyue to be interrupted by Shana. Dong Yunxi is also watching them, focusing on that. Above the box.

The camping squad is playing seriously, not paying attention to people watching around, everyone is talking and laughing, Gao Zhenhe is holding a small firework to tease Xingyue, the two are chasing each other and having fun, all this is very dazzling in Xana’s eyes She called Xingyue to fulfill her previous promise. Xingyue proposed Gao Zhenhe’s theory. In the case of Xingyue and Gao Zhenhe not in love with each other, Xingyue had no power to give Gao Zhenhe to anyone. Shana learned that Xingyue had informed Gao Zhenhe of her crush, and she was out of control, but Xingyue did not intend to make Shana so uncomfortable. When Shana asked a person to stay, Xingyue was kidnapped and Xingyue rushed to save her. Shana was off. Shana informed that the target of the kidnapping was Uncle Wen, and that Uncle Wen had been taken away. When Xingyue and Gao Zhenhe rushed to rescue Uncle Wen, the bad guys had already taken away Uncle Wen’s bag. Gao Zhenhe, who was catching up quickly, was too tired to catch up and stopped Xingyue. Xingyue used his superhuman talent to record the license plate number, which surprised Gao Zhenhe.

  I found the owner of the car through the license plate number and inferred that it was Dong Yunxi. The loss of the burden made Uncle Wen frustrated, but he could not fully believe that Gao Zhenhe revealed the facts in the bag. Yi Tian received an invitation from the magazine, but people’s goal was Xingyue. Yi Tian couldn’t care so much, and was very happy that he was about to get angry. Gao Zhenhe told Shana not to let Xingyue use her life to help herself, but Gao Zhenhe’s maintenance behavior made Shana even more angry, and because Gao Zhenhe knew that she had a crush on something, it would be more difficult to face in the future. Qin Shu had to comfort Shana. , And like a person’s own thing, even if there is no response will still do it.

   Gao Zhenhe is obsessed with Shana and can’t let go. Qin Shu sees that Shana is sad and can only continue to comfort Gao Zhenhe. Without telling the answer in person, it means there is a chance. The process of attacking the crowd on the night of the camping has been investigated, and Gao Zhenhe is ready to fight back. Xingyue looked at the magazine photos sent by Yi Tian and praised him. He was ironically heard by Gao Zhenhe passing by. Uncle Wen thought it was obvious jealousy. When there was jealousy, there was love, and then he taught Xingyue online how to judge love.

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