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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 36 Recap

Mrs. Lien took the poisoned Anshen soup and mung bean cake, and wanted to give the original non-liu service in the garden, but did not want Hua Jinxiu to receive Sima Yun’s report long ago, knowing that she wanted to harm the original non-liu. Nothing should let Yuan Fei touch the soup and cakes given by Mrs. Lien. When the two sides were at a stalemate, Shi Qingpei was ordered to mediate, but he didn’t want Yuan Fei Yun to steal the mung bean cake in the hands of the maid while the adults were not prepared. When everyone found out, it was too late. Yun therefore passed away, and even his wife was unable to accept the fact that she lost her beloved son for a while, and she became mentally abnormal. She was confined by the former Qingjiang to Rong Baotang for life.

Sima Yun heard that the original was not dead, because he did not want to believe that the flower splendid can now see a young child dying in front of himself, and did not stop it, so he came to question late at night. But he didn’t want the flower splendid at this time to not only know nothing wrong, but also wanted to take off Sima Yun’s mask and take a look at his true appearance, but he was still fled in time.

Yuan Feiyu and Hua Hibiscus met by chance at the market. Although Yuan Feiyu, who had severe eye diseases, could not clearly see the passing flower hibiscus, she suddenly remembered the previous smell of the locust blossoms on the flower hibiscus. The past with Hua Hibiscus caused a severe headache. On seeing this, Yao Biying immediately ordered someone to return Yuan Feiyu, and he stayed to deal with the flower hibiscus. The reunion of the old man is very happy, but Hua Biquan is ridiculed by misunderstanding. Facing Yao Biying’s questioning, Hua Muqin was conscientious, but at this time Yao Biying did not want to believe this old friend anymore, and accused her of using Song Minglei to continue to use herself in the absence of the original. Selling his life, and completely hurt the heart of the flower hibiscus, after the two dissatisfied, the flower hibiscus was so angry that the old poison relapsed.

Hua Hibiscus’s body improved slightly, so he took the recommendation written to him by the emperor of the southern kingdom, and asked Zhang Zhiyan, but was rejected by the other party. When Hua Mujin returned to his residence in despair, he saw that Yuan Feibai was waiting here. It turned out that the long life saved by Hua Mujin was the dark guard Qingmei beside Yuan Feibai. Originally Fei Bai received Qingmei’s Flying Pigeon Biography, and learned that Hua Mujin was in Jiangzhou at this time, and came immediately not far away, but Hua Mu Jin was not willing to give up Duan Yuerong’s past because of taboos. No matter how humiliating Yuan Fei was, and he wanted to end the story between the two, Yuan Fei was too inconvenient to see it and had to leave.

Dou Yinghua heard that Jiangzhou has always been rich, and after Zhang Zhiyan was quite prestigious in Jiangzhou, he wanted to earn his income, but Zhang Zhiyan didn’t expect him to be soft and hard to eat, and he was angry when he ignored the olive branch he threw. Under Xuan Jiang disappointed and returned.

Originally Fei Bai heard that Hua Muqin had been seeking Zhang Zhiyan but could not, so he personally invited Zhang Zhiyan to Hua Muqin’s residence. Upon seeing this, Hua Mujin seized the opportunity. With his knowledge, he gained Zhang Zhiyan’s appreciation, and with the full help of the original non-white, he successfully persuaded Zhang Zhiyan to let his monarch set up a semicolon in Jiangzhou. Sales.

Afterwards, because of the original non-white, Hua Muhibi helped him to open up the business road of Jiangzhou, and he specially set up a banquet to thank, but did not want Duan Yuerong to hear the news and even arrived with Xiao Xiyan. Not only should it be the antidote to the original non-white beggars, but also show the love in front of Xiao Xiyan with the help of Xiao Xiyan.

At this time in the Purple Garden, Yuan Feiqing heard that King Xuan was against Pan Zhengyue. Not only was he defeated, but he also lost several cities that Yuan Feibai had recaptured before, and with Song Minglei’s encouragement, he sought the prince. Recommend yourself and Lin Dejun to your majesty, so that the original Qingjiang who has always refused to allow himself to take his soldiers to the battlefield had to be released, but he also blamed his father.

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