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Start a Business, My Lord General 创业吧,我的将军大人 Episode 10 Recap

Ning Baizhu and Ye Yunchen returned to the Ning’s excellent products. Ning Baizhu kept writing something with the pen. Ye Yunchen drank tea leisurely and asked her it’s been an hour. Didn’t you think about how to provide relief? Ning Bozhu patted the written paper in front of him to let him see what the economically optimized disaster relief plan is. She will adopt a hierarchical disaster relief model and make full use of limited resources.

Now that there are too many injured people in the city, we should first set up mobile triage points throughout the street to concentrate on treating some mildly injured patients and let the apprentices and young doctors in the medical clinic treat them on the spot. For the injured in a more serious condition, they are sent to the emergency department of the hospital for treatment by experienced doctors. The clinics are classified according to the type of injury, and doctors with special expertise are equipped. Patients can be classified and checked in.

Doctors can handle multiple patients at the same time, saving treatment time. For more serious patients, please discuss the plan with the most experienced doctors in the city, and the diagnosis is correct. Looking at the plan, Ye Yunchen was surprised that Ning Bozhu had arranged it so well, and thanked her for the Tongcheng people. Ning Bozhu was very proud. Although she could not treat the illness, she had been to the hospital.

Naturally, these things were not a problem. Ning Baizhu discussed with Ye Yunchen about paying, and let Ye Yunchen share a little bit. He wanted to share five or five points with him. Ye Yunchen ignored her and left directly. Ning Baizhu hurriedly chased it out, all the way down to 28. , Ye Yunchen ignored him.

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