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Love Designer 幸福触手可及 Episode 30 Recap

Qin Qing directly brought Shen Peipei home and helped her deal with the injured foot, but Shen Peipei was still sad for losing the dog. She didn’t know how to explain to Huo Chendong. Qin Qing felt that she should have the main responsibility, so she took the initiative to call Huo Chendong to inquire, and learned that the dog had not returned, Shen Peipei was very self-blamed. She posted dog-seeking revelations everywhere and tried her best to help Huo Chendong retrieve it. Dogs.

Zhou Fang did her utmost for the shopping festival, she made every link seriously, everything was ready, and she only owed Dongfeng, but Song Rong was a little relieved to let Zhou Fang go to her studio for a look. At the beginning of the shopping festival, because Song Rong gave Zhou Fang a homepage promotion and just started selling, Zhou Fang’s works received many orders in succession. Zhou Fang was particularly grateful for this. After the sale at the shopping festival, Zuo Yulin asked Zhou Fang to go to the technology company as a custom design consultant for the reason of seeing Zhou Fang’s orders. Zhou Fang suddenly agreed.

The product designed by Zhou Fang, when the factory received the fabric, the director of the acceptance smelled a bad smell and suspected that there was a problem with the fabric. However, because of the rain these days, the director did not care too much, just thought it was damp. He signed and sent it to the factory. Wanfeng Group’s shopping festival is running smoothly, the transaction volume has exceeded 100 million, and Zhou Fang’s brand has also received more than 1,000 orders. Zhou Fang is particularly happy to call and thank Song Rin for this. Zhou Fang worked hard with the employees, and soon all the goods ordered were sent out. At this time, Zhou Fang discovered that their turnover was exactly 5.2 million, which is a particularly good sign, but the stock is almost out of stock. After that, Zhou Fang immediately contacted Director Wang to add an order to increase his inventory.

Zhou Fang was tired and went home to rest. When he came home, he fell on the sofa. Song Rin shot Zhou Fang with a light across from him, waking him up. After Zhou Fang was awakened by Song Rin, she asked Song Rin to gather at home, and she realized that her turnover reached 5.2 million, because Song Rin helped her make up. Zhou Fang learned that Song Rong was helping, and immediately wanted to give financial refund to Song Rong, but Song Rong did not let Zhou Fang do this, and asked Zhou Fang to compensate in another way. Zhou Fang thanked Song Rong with her hot kiss. .

Shen Peipei finally found the dog. She asked Huo Chendong to come out to lead the dog. She didn’t want Huo Chendong’s gratitude or compensation from Huo Chendong. She just wanted to have Huo Chendong eat together. She didn’t expect that Huo Chendong had already eaten. Shen Peipei was disappointed to hear Huo Chendong’s answer, but he did not force Huo Chendong, and Huo Chendong’s impression of Shen Peipei was obviously changed because of the dog. This made Shen Peipei very happy.

Zhou Fang contacted Director Wang to discuss the fabric supply problem of her products. She learned that her previous supplier could not contact the stock, so she decided to find another supplier. At this time, Zhou Fang learned that the brand she designed was complained by consumers because of product quality problems. Zhou Fang did not expect that her products would have quality problems. She could only arrange for the customer to return the product before studying how to proceed. deal with. Zhou Fang was afraid that Song Rong would take responsibility for her again. She specifically asked Song Rin to claim that her problem was resolved by herself, and she was not allowed to take responsibility for her. Song Rin said that he would solve the problem, and he also sent Zhou Fang home.

After Zhou Fang left, Song Rin summoned the company’s senior management to deal with the quality problems and wanted to see how to solve Zhou Fang’s troubles, but everyone’s opinion is nothing more than recalling the product and paying compensation, which makes Song Rin feel that the fundamental problem cannot be solved and cannot be recovered. The reputation of Zhou Fang and Wan Feng Group. After everyone expressed their opinions, it was suggested that Zhou Fang’s problem might be that Bai Sai made a move. They wanted Song Lin to sue Bai Sai Group for unfair competition through legal channels.

After seeing the news, Lin Zhenzhen knew that it was Su Yushan’s actions and deliberately aimed at Wanfeng Group. She didn’t say anything to Suyushan. She only asked Suyushan to complete the acquisition of Wanfeng Group this time. Let them take a good rest together. Su Yushan agreed to Lin Zhenzhen and gave him a piece of jewelry for Lin Zhenzhen’s birthday, and Lin Zhenzhen was the same as before. Without looking at it, he put the jewelry in the drawer. Lin Zhenzhen and Su Yushan have fewer and fewer common topics. Su Yushan did not say a few words to Lin Zhenzhen when she returned home. This made her very uncomfortable and could only go to a psychiatrist for consultation.

Zhou Fang was afraid that Song Rong would rush in front of her for her. She didn’t want to trouble Song Rong, and she had no place to go, only to find Qin Qing. Zhou stayed at the door of Qin Qing’s house for a while. When Qin Qing came back to see her, he invited her to dinner. The topic must be the quality of the product. After the meal, Zhou Fang went home and waited for Song Rong immediately, wanting to give Song Rong who was troubled by her a little comfort. Zhou Fang didn’t want Song Rong to bear anything for her. She decided to write a letter of apology to take down the quality problems that appeared in the product. She could not let Song Rin do it for her, and she didn’t want to affect Wanfeng Group.

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