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Burning 燃烧 Episode 17 Recap

Li Xia was unbelievable after hearing Feng Kai, Feng Kai hurriedly explained. Li Xia reminded Feng Kai not to forget Xu Jiafu’s paternity test. Feng Kai said that he also knew that it was too crazy to speculate that Xu Jiafu’s idea of smuggling abroad was too crazy, but he felt that it was very possible, and the thought was lingering in his mind. Li Xia interrupted Feng Kai so that he should never have this idea. Li Xia said that the 1995 paternity test was a scar that the entire public security system could never uncover.

Feng Kai couldn’t give up verifying his conjecture. He immediately called Liu Qingye and asked her to investigate the communication between Xu Da and Xu Guangyi before 1995, including not only economic aspects but also many aspects. Liu Qingye immediately took his orders.

Gao Feng suddenly came to Chen Jie’s house. Chen Jie was incredibly surprised and delighted when he saw the high wind standing at the door. Both Gao Feng and Chen Jie were very unnatural. Gao Feng asked about Chen Jie’s physical condition with concern. He suddenly took the initiative to apologize to Chen Jie. He said that he knew Chen Jie was so difficult these years. Chen Jie looked at Gao Feng intently, his eyes filled with tears in an instant.

Just as Gao Feng went to Chen Jie’s house, the killer pried open the door of Gao Feng’s house and slipped into his house.

Gao Feng talked to Chen Jie about the past, he asked Chen Jie if Gao Jianshe had any abnormalities before divorcing her. Chen Jie recalled that Gao Jianshe was quite normal before the coffin autopsy incident, but after this incident, Gao Jianshe was like a personal change. He often quarreled with Gao Sihai, who also asked Gao Jianshe to go to Shanghai to investigate Xu Jun. Thing.

Chen Jie went on to say that Gao Jianshe once took seven days off, but he did not stay at home for a day during this holiday, and I don’t know what he did. Another time Gao Jianjian visited a injured colleague in the hospital, and Xu Guangyi’s father was also hospitalized. Gao Jianshe was talking for a long time in Xu Guangyi’s father’s ward. After the autopsy and autopsy incident, Xu Guangyi seemed to have changed his personality.

Gao Feng returned home to find Grandpa’s diary. Gao Sihai used to insist on writing a diary. What Gao Feng did not know was that the killer secretly installed a camera in his house, and Gao Feng’s scene of watching the diary was completely seen by the killer. Gao Sihai detailed the investigation of Xu Jiafu’s case in his diary, and also recorded the events before and after Gao Jianshe’s car accident.

When Gao Jianshe and Chen Jie had gone through the divorce formals and said they were going to go to the country to handle the case, he hurriedly said goodbye to the young Gao Feng. But a few days later, the bad news of Gao Jianshei’s sacrifice passed back, and the Gao family was in great sorrow. All these high winds still have memories. Gao Sihai’s diary also recorded Gao Jianshe’s leave to go to Shanghai to investigate Xu Jun. All this was told by Gao Shihai when a person named Zhao Min came to the memorial service after Gao Jianshe sacrificed. According to Zhao Min, Gao Jianshe investigated Xu Jun’s father-in-law Wu Guixiang’s death when he went to Shanghai to investigate Xu Jun. Gao Sihai felt that Gao Jianshe had discovered a secret in Shanghai, and the secret was unknown.

When Gao Feng saw this, he would never see the follow-up. Gao Sihai’s diary broke the record from 1996 to 2008. Gao Feng called Chen Jie after rummaging around at home. Chen Jie didn’t know where Gao Sihai’s diary was, but she said that once she saw traces of burnt things in the sink, she couldn’t be sure that those were Is the burned thing a diary? came to Li Xian with great enthusiasm. Every time he had irrational clues, he liked to talk to Li Xian, and he clarified his thoughts in his talk. Gao Feng told Li Xian that he suspected that there was a secret between Xu Da and Xu Guangyi. He felt that Xu Da killed Xu Guangyi and Luo Hongying in order to kill his mouth. With Li Xian’s interest, Gao Feng also said that Gao Jianshe might have found Xu Da’s secret when he went to Shanghai. In order to protect himself and Chen Jie, Gao Jianshe proposed to divorce Chen Jie. Li Xian felt that Gao Feng was whimsical and paranoid.

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