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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 22 Recap

After careful investigation, Chongxuezhi and Yuwen Muyuan finally found out that it was the people of Huashan faction that attacked Chonghuo Palace, so they decided to go to Huashan faction to find out, and also warned them. Chong Qing and Zhu Sha are in a sweet period of love. They volunteered to complete this task together, so Chong Xuezhi shot them to do it together. At the market, Shangguan Tou and Wu Ming were drinking tea. The reason why he didn’t leave here was because he knew that Chong Xuezhi didn’t believe that he had done something like that with Lin Fengzi, but he was angry for a while. He still wanted to find a chance. Tell Chong Xuezhi the truth. Chongqing and Zhusha arrived at the Huashan School and made a statement to Fengshan, the head of the Huashan School, but Huashan Paifeng City refused to admit it and tried so much. Qiong took Fengshan assassin’s sword to Fengcheng, and pointed out the Huashan faction’s imprint left exclusively on the forging, so that Fengcheng was speechless, and after they reached the purpose of warning, they would Without further investigation, he left the Huashan School.

Feng is involved in kindness. After meeting Shangguan through in the city, he followed along and wanted to tell him the secret of Man Feiyue he knew. It turned out that he told Shangguan through that the reason why Man Feiyue caused troubles repeatedly and set off storms on the rivers and lakes was actually instructed by some people. After every action of Man Feiyue, someone would give Man Feiyue a large sum of gold As a reward, this has also become a means of making money for Man Feiyue. In the view of Man Feiyue, the most valuable is the lotus wing of the Palace of Heavy Fire. But the strange thing is that every time the full moon gets gold, it will be smelted into ingots again.

Because the man came and went very mysteriously, he has never seen his true face. Shangguan heard the words of Feng She, and he couldn’t help thinking a lot. He repeatedly pondered the meaning of remelting this sentence. Suddenly his thoughts were suddenly bright. There must be the imprint of the government on the gold. In order to eliminate the official seal, he remelted. See Come, this thing is really not simple. Behind the Man Feiyue, there are people from Chaotang who intervene in the rivers and lakes.

Returning to Yueshanggu, Shangguantou still lost his soul. Lin Changran asked if he had trouble with Chongxuezhi. Shangguantoo told Lin Changran what happened at the engagement banquet, and recalled the past at Lingjian Villa. At that time, Lin Fengzi tried his best to make Shangguan Tou drink a glass of wine, and then Shangguan Tou was unconscious. When he woke up, he found that he was lying on Lin Fengzi’s bed in a shabby dress. Outraged, he believed that Shangguan had misbehaved and insulted his baby daughter. Lin Fengzi said nothing. Although he knew that silence had not happened at night, he was inexplicable and misunderstanding was caused. Lin Changran only knew that when he met Shangguan Tou at the time, the reason why he had been martial arts and was chased and killed was that there was such an antecedent.

The red-sleeved Xianshan Yingzhou is still very lively, but the disciples of the Huashan School died inexplicably here, and there is also a lotus mark on their bodies. At first glance, they died of the martial arts of the Lotus God. The Huashan School is entangled for this. Reported to the government, and specially sent a letter to Chong Xuezhi, so that she can take precautions. After receiving the letter, Chong Xuezhi was very surprised. Only the Lotus God martial arts practiced the Five Forms. Is there anyone in the world who is also practicing this practice? After thinking about it, there was no one but Hong Sheng who stole the secret, and Hong Sheng was still alive. If this is the case, then this matter is not trivial. In order to find out the truth, Chong Xuezhi decided to go to Xianshanying again State.

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