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And The Winner is Love 月上重火 Episode 21 Recap

In fact, when learning that Shangguantu came to Lingjian Villa together, Lin Zongxing warned Lin Fengzi not to have any hope for Shangguantu anymore, and what was wrong with him. But Lin Fengzi was still encouraged by the original Shuangshuang to find Shangguan. She excitedly confessed to Shangguan that she never forgot the situation of being together in the past. She couldn’t let him down in her heart and hoped to continue to communicate. Shangguan Tuzheng refused Lin Fengzi, and persuaded her to say that today is a good day for her and Xia Qingmei, hoping that she will be happy in the future and that she already has a loved one. However, Lin Fengzi was not reconciled.

She blurted out the fact that the two were living in a room and lying on a bed together. At this time, the original Shuangshuang also deliberately brought Chong Xuezhi here, just heard Lin Fengzi said. Chong Xuezhi was shocked for a moment. She finally believed that Shangguan Tou was like a romantic person as Jianghu rumor said, and was very disappointed with Shang Guantou. People who participated in the engagement banquet had different opinions on this matter. The original Shuangshuang also put a lot of vinegar on the side.

Chongxuezhi knew these heartbreaks behind heartbreak, she couldn’t hear any explanation from Shangguantou, and left Lingjian Villa with Yuwen Muyuan’s company. Xia Qingmei gritted his teeth and pulled Shangguantou to settle accounts with him. Shangguantou had no intention of entangled with him and pushed Xia Qingmei away alone. Lin Zongxing’s whole body shivered, and he mourned his daughter’s misfortune. However, Lin Fengzi was very calm. She announced in public that she had cancelled her marriage with Xia Qingmei because she found that she had not put Shangguan through in her heart. After returning to Chonghuo Palace, Chongxuezhi couldn’t afford to fall ill. Yuwen Muyuan accompanied her intimately. When she woke up, she told her that Chonghuo Palace will always be her home. No matter what happens in the future, she will be Face with her. However, Chong Xuezhi was still very sad, and used alcohol to resolve the depression in her heart. Yu Wen Mu Yuan accompanied her with concern.

Fengcheng of the Huashan School sent people to explore the reality of the Heavy Fire Palace at night in order to prepare for the destruction of the Heavy Fire Palace in one fell swoop. Shangguan Tou chased to Chonghuo Palace to explain to Chong Xuezhi face to face, Yu Wenmu Yuan was blocked from the door, Yu Wen Mu Yuan blamed Shangguan Toru for his romantic nature, which would not bring happiness to Chong Xuezhi, or stay away. After the storm of that day, Lin Fengzi felt a little uneasy in her heart. In fact, the thing at that time was an oolong. Shangguantu didn’t tarnish herself at all. Everything was designed by Lin Fengzi. She deliberately made Shangguantu drunk. Later, he took off his clothes and helped him lie on his bed, creating the illusion that the boat had become a boat, and then made Shangguan to obey himself and marry himself. All this Lin Fengzi and Yuan Shuang knew very well, Lin Fengzi could not stand the torment of his heart, He wanted to tell his father Lin Zongxing, but he was stopped by both of them.

Xia Qingmei lost his face on the day of the engagement banquet, and then he took care of his children’s love, and began to follow Hong Sheng to practice the ninth style of the Lotus God. After a period of hard work, his progress was rapid, which made Hong The sound is very happy. Shangguan Tou was blocked by Yu Wen Mu Yuan to see Chong Xuezhi, but he didn’t leave here. Chong Xuezhi knew that he couldn’t bear it. He wanted to see him but he was in a hurry, and he heard that he had left, so he felt lonely. Mu Yuan told Chong Xuezhi that the most urgent task now is to find out who is attacking the Chonghuo Palace and then carry out preventive deployment in a targeted manner.

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